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Alphabet Centers Fine Motor Activities Letters Farm Centers

Alphabet Centers Fine Motor Activities Letters Farm Centers

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Printables, Activities, Centers


Early Intervention, Occupational Therapy, Reading Strategies

63 pages of alphabet fine motor centers. Activities include alphabet centers, letter recognition, beginning sounds, literacy centers, feed the animals, farm theme, writing, farm centers, farm activities, counting, occupational therapy, reading strategies, visual discrimination, preschool curriculum, recording sheets, worksheets, busy bags, kindergarten curriculum, tot trays, busy boxes, morning tubs, stations, and more. For kindergarten, preschool, prek, SPED, child care, homeschool, or any early childhood setting.

Materials Needed: pompoms (red, blue, yellow, green), tongs or spoon, small bowl or dish, bingo dabber, pencil, crayons

Alphabet Fine Motor Series #4 – Feed The Farm

1] Hungry Farm Animals – Laminate and cut out the mouths. Attach to a box or basket. – comes with:

a] 4 Animals- Cow, Horse, Pig, Goat

2] Pompom Feed – Letter Puzzles – Put a puzzle together matching the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter. Write the matching uppercase and lowercase letters on the recording sheet by the matching black number (lower right corner). Look at the colored numbers and colored pompoms on the completed puzzle. Put those exact pompoms onto a small plate or into a small bowl. Using tongs or a spoon, feed the pompoms one at a time to a farm animal. Repeat with another puzzle. – comes with:

a] 26 Two Piece Puzzles (numbered)

b] 2 Recording Sheets

c] Answer Keys

3] Hay Feed – Letter Dab and Feed – Match 2 hay cards. Find and dab the letter on the recording sheet. Feed the hay to an animal. Match more hay. Match Upper to Upper, Lower to Lower, or Upper to Lower. – comes with:

a] 26 Uppercase Hay Cards (colored)

b] 26 Lowercase Hay Cards (colored)

c] 26 Uppercase Hay Cards (black and white – print on yellow paper)

d] 26 Lowercase Hay Cards (black and white – print on yellow paper)

e] 1 Uppercase Bingo Dabber Sheet

f] 1 Lowercase Bingo Dabber Sheet

4] Carrot Feed – Uppercase, Lowercase, and Beginning Letters – Match 3 carrots. Write the letter on the recording sheet. Feed the carrots to an animal. Match another set. – comes with:

a] 26 Uppercase Carrots

b] 26 Lowercase Carrots

c] 26 Beginning Letter Picture Carrots (numbered)

d] Recording Sheet

e] Answer Key

5] Corn Feed – Beginning Sounds – Match 2 corn cobs with the same beginning sound. Write the letter on the recording sheet. – comes with:

a] 26 Picture Corn Cobs (numbered)

b] 26 Picture Corn Cobs (plain)

c] Recording Sheet

d] Answer Key


2 reviews
    Colleen G.
    26 Jul 2023
    Feed the farm certainly had them laughing!
    Todd B.
    26 Jul 2023
    What a fun and engaging way to practice our fine motor skills! A perfect addition to our Farm Theme!