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CONTRACTIONS The Milk and Cookies Game

CONTRACTIONS The Milk and Cookies Game

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English Language Arts, Grammar, Spelling

Students love reviewing contractions game & collecting contraction cookies! My students want to play this over and over again. (47 contractions/94 cards)

  • Contraction Answer Sheet (page 3)
  • “Spilled Milk!” Cards (page 4)
  • (Am, Is and Are Contractions): I’m, you’re, he’s, she’s, it’s, we’re, they’re, that’s, who’s (pages 5,6,7)
  • (Have, Has, and Had Contractions): I’ve, you’ve, we’ve, they’ve (pages 8,9)
  • (Not Contractions): aren’t, can’t, couldn’t, didn’t, doesn’t, don’t, hasn’t, haven’t, isn’t, shouldn’t, wasn’t, weren’t, won’t, wouldn’t (pages 9-12)
  • (Would and Will Contractions) : I’ll, you’ll, he’ll, she’ll, it’ll, we’ll, they’ll, that’ll, who’ll, I’d, you’d, he’d, she’d, it’d, we’d, they’d, that’d (pages 14-19)


Memory Match:

Shuffle the cards and place face down on a table. Students take turns flipping over 2 cards, reading aloud and deciding if the word parts match. If they match, keep both cards and take another turn. If they don’t match, return the cards face down to the table and the turn is over. When a “Spilled Milk!” card is turned over, the player ends their turn and keeps only the “Spilled Milk!” card. Play until all cards have been claimed. The winner has the most cards (“Spilled Milk!” cards don’t count).

Fishing For Cookies:

This is played just like the traditional “Go Fish” game. Five cards are dealt to each player if three to six players are involved. With only two players, seven cards are dealt to each. (Remove the “Spilled Milk!” cards.) All remaining cards are placed face down in a draw pile.)

Students ask for the opposite of a card that they already have. For example, if a student has “will not”, he/she must ask another player for “won’t”. If the player you ask has the card, take another turn. If that player doesn’t have that card, you must pick a card from the deck. The player with the most pairs at the end wins.

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    Alba Z.
    10 Jul 2023
    Big Hearted Teaching
    10 Jul 2023
    Mary L.
    10 Jul 2023
    Great to practice the skill!