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Dex The Heart of a Hero Journeys Activities 2nd Grade

Dex The Heart of a Hero Journeys Activities 2nd Grade

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Balanced Literacy, Grammar, Reading

Dex The Heart of a Hero Journeys Activities 2nd Grade
Lesson 20, Unit 4

Unit 1 Bundle
Unit 2 Bundle
Unit 3 Bundle
Unit 4 Bundle
Unit 5 Bundle
Unit 6 Bundle

Vocabulary Bundle of all 30 stories

I have chosen 3 important skills that are taught in this story. I also have included a vocabulary definition match, making words center and ABC Order with vocabulary.

Included are 6 Literacy Centers + Worksheets + Booklet

**Words with -or and -ore
Directions: Read each sentence. Find the word that is missing and lay beside the sentence. Complete worksheet.
**Commas in a Series
Directions: Unscramble the sentences. Put commas in the correct places. Complete worksheet (unscramble sentences)
**Comprehension Questions about story ~Directions: Read each question. Find the answer and lay beside it. Complete Question page.
**Vocabulary Words Matching Puzzles (Match definitions)
**Making Words (Dex The Heart of a Hero)
**ABC Order (vocabulary words)
**Prefix -over booklet
**2 Venn Diagrams (compare Old Dex to New Dex) (Compare Dex and Cleevis)

Your students are sure to enjoy these hands-on activities.

3 reviews
    Kristy C.
    11 Jul 2023
    I absolutely love these resources and use them every week with my kiddos!
    Kathy W.
    11 Jul 2023
    This product was a great add-on to the story and helped the students expand their learning.
    Shelby E.
    11 Jul 2023