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Fiction & Nonfiction READING RESPONSE PROMPTS for 3rd & 4th Grade

Fiction & Nonfiction READING RESPONSE PROMPTS for 3rd & 4th Grade

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Take the guesswork out of your elementary student’s reading responses with Fiction & Nonfiction Reading Response Prompts! Designed especially for 3rd & 4th graders, these prompts provide an engaging way to explore ANY text. With six categories included—Making Connections, Making Inferences, Making Predictions, Summarizing, Using Information, Analyzing the Text, and Evaluating the Text—your students will be well-equipped to make meaningful connections with their assigned reading materials.

Plus, these sheets come in an easy-to-use format: just print them off and hand them out! The answers can be handwritten directly on each prompt sheet or put into a simple journal. (14 Response Sheets)

Fiction & Nonfiction Categories:

Making Connections

Making Inferences

Making Predictions


Using Information

Analyzing the Text

Evaluating the Text

Pages 3-9 (Fiction Response Sheets)

Pages 10-16 (Nonfiction Response Sheets)

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3 reviews
    Beth L.
    10 Jul 2023
    This resource has come in handy!
    One Urban Teacher
    10 Jul 2023
    Reading responses and prompts are very needed. Even better is that students get to choose what they will respond to. Thank you!
    Megan C.
    10 Jul 2023