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Free Kindergarten Morning Work for the Beginning of the Year

Free Kindergarten Morning Work for the Beginning of the Year

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Are you looking for a new way to engage your kindergarten students each morning? Try Bright Starts worksheets, the two-week introduction to my year long morning work. Bright Starts is focused on fine motor skills, color recognition, and letter identification. The skills and setup of this resource is simple and predictable – once you show your students how to do the first page or two, they should be able to complete the remaining eight pages independently!

I love this! Tell me more about your morning work.

The key to successful kindergarten morning work is a resource that is meaningful and can be used independently, but that can be tricky. Kindergarten is different from all other grade levels because at the beginning of the year they don’t have the skills necessary to work independently. However, as the year progresses, they make amazing transformations and can accomplish so many things! That is why my kindergarten morning work, Bright Minds, grows with your students.

Why will the Bright Minds format work for my students?

Over the course of the year, the skills will change, but the formatting will stay the same. This gives your students a familiar routine each day, yet provides them with a chance to review various skills.

What skills are covered throughout the year?

Writing skills vary from printing letters to writing two complete sentences on their own.

The math section covers counting, addition, subtraction, teen numbers, measurement, and more.

Students will also have repeated exposure to CVC words and handwriting practice in the language arts review. The language arts section also covers topics such as beginning sounds, medial sounds, ending sounds, opposites, reading comprehension, and more.

For a detailed break down of what is covered each week, please look at the preview file.

What do students complete each day?

Every page of the Bright Minds morning work begins with a writing section. This portion covers everything from letter formation to writing in complete sentences.

The middle section of the page is dedicated to math. Your students will spend at least one week focused on a particular skill, such as number formation or fact fluency (addition and subtraction).

The final section of the page covers language arts topics. The difficulty of this section varies drastically from week 1 to week 36. Your students begin with beginning sounds and end with reading comprehension!

How do I know the Bright Minds morning work is right for my kindergarteners?

As an experienced kindergarten teacher, I feel confident that your students can and will find success with this morning work. It was developed with the standards in mind, as well as appropraite student development.

I don’t have time for morning work. Can I still use this?

Yes! While these were created to be used for morning work, the actual pages do not say morning work on them. These worksheets would be fantastic to use for daily homework or in centers. You can also use them in the middle of your day!

My students are at very different levels. Will this morning be helpful?

Absolutely! Even if your students are familiar and confident with these skills, it is still important that they review and show mastery of concepts. Those that finish faster can take time to color the pictures or write sentences on the back using sight words. The slower workers can just do the “pencil” parts of the activities and still finish on time.

My students are finding great success with this morning work! Do you have any other resources that span across the year?

Yes, a lot of my resources are created for the entire year so they grow with your students. You may want to consider my Kindergarten Math Journals for your daily transition into math. My Monthly Kindergarten Centers are perfect for your math and literacy centers. If you’re looking for a simple way to assess and track your students, then definitely check out my Kindergarten Assessments Bundle.

3 reviews
    Tawni's Tiny Humans
    09 Jul 2023
    Love this resource! It's a very realistic morning job for kinders. Thanks for sharing!
    Amanda T.
    09 Jul 2023
    Thank you for sharing! The preview is exactly what I needed and we will be purchasing the yearly bundle.
    Stephanie S.
    09 Jul 2023
    This is exactly what I was looking for! It is perfect for the very beginning of the year for my kinder kiddos. Thank you for sharing this.