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Free Nouns Worksheets for 1st and 2nd Grade – Grammar Fun Cut and Paste Freebie

Free Nouns Worksheets for 1st and 2nd Grade – Grammar Fun Cut and Paste Freebie

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English Language Arts, Grammar, Reading

Get ready to help your 1st and 2nd grade students learn about nouns with this fun cut and paste sorting worksheets freebie! Students will get to practice identifying nouns and sorting them into categories such as people, places, and things. These worksheets are sure to motivate and engage your students while helping them master their grammar and language skills.

Pages included:

►Is It a Noun? (cut and paste) 2 pages

►Listing Nouns (write 2 nouns for word)

►Find the Missing Nouns ~2 pages

►Person, Place, Thing, Animal (pictures) color code ~ 2 pages

►Noun Sort (cut and paste) ~ 2 Pages

►Color It In (person, place, thing, animal) 2 Pages

►Noun Scavenger Hunt

►Follow the Path

►Highlight the Noun

►Interactive Notebook

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3 reviews
    Hollie Fritz
    10 Jul 2023
    I really liked this but I found a couple mistakes. Under the noun sort, there are only 8 words but 9 spaces for answers. Also desk is missing in the word find.
    Alissa Snyder
    10 Jul 2023
    Great activity to practice nouns. I really like that this could be used by a small group in a center or as a whole class activity!
    Sherry P.
    10 Jul 2023
    I am your newest follower and I absolutely love your products! They are cute, the layouts are awesome and you include a name line! Thanks SO much for sharing!