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How Groundhog’s Garden Grew 2nd Grade Lesson 25 (7 Centers) + Worksheets

How Groundhog’s Garden Grew 2nd Grade Lesson 25 (7 Centers) + Worksheets

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Homeschool Curricula, Activities, Centers


Balanced Literacy, Grammar, Reading

How Groundhog’s Garden Grew
Lesson 25 Unit 5 (7 Literacy Centers)


Unit 1 Bundle
Unit 2 Bundle
Unit 3 Bundle
Unit 4 Bundle
Unit 5 Bundle
Unit 6 Bundle

Vocabulary Bundle of all 30 stories

I have chosen 3 important skills that are taught in this story. I also have included a vocabulary definition match, making words center and ABC Order with vocabulary and comprehension questions. Also, a few printables to go with the story.

Included are 7 Literacy Centers + Worksheets

** Words With (aw, al, o) Directions:Read the sentences. Decide what word is missing in each. Match, Complete worksheet

Directions:Read the sentences. Put them in the order that they happened in the story. I have included an answer key so your students can check their answers when finished.
*I have also included a sequencing (cut and paste) ~ These are the same sentences as center. I have made 3 different sequence cut and paste for different learners (easy to difficult).

*Sequencing Booklet (Beginning, 3 details, ending)
*Steps To Planting a Garden Booklet
Directions: Think of the 4 main steps to plant a garden. Draw a picture, the staple writing page and write a sentence
for each picture.

**Comprehension Questions about story ~Directions: Read each question. Find the answer and lay beside it. Complete Question page.

**Vocabulary Words Matching Puzzles (Match definitions)
**Making Words (Groundhog’s Garden)
**ABC Order (Vocabulary Words)

*Come and Came Flap Booklet ~
*Eat and Ate Flap Booklet~
*Give and Gave Flap Booklet~
*Take and Took Flap Booklet~
Directions: Cut out and staple to the following page. Cut on the dotted lines. Write a sentence each with word. Draw a picture to go with each sentence.

*Adjectives “web” ~ Directions: List all of the words that you think of that describe groundhogs. Then write 4 complete sentences in paragraph form.

**KWL Chart ~ about groundhogs
**Can, Have, Are ~ groundhogs
**Venn Diagram ~compare groundhogs and squirrels

Your students are sure to enjoy these hands-on activities.

3 reviews
    Jessica S.
    11 Jul 2023
    Your packets for our Journeys stories probably rank as my favorite b/c they offer a lot, but aren't overwhelming with things I don't need.
    11 Jul 2023
    Very useful!
    Sylvia C.
    11 Jul 2023
    very helpful