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How Leopard Got His Spots Journeys

How Leopard Got His Spots Journeys

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Homeschool Curricula, Activities, Centers


Balanced Literacy, Grammar, Reading

How Leopard Got His Spots Journeys
Lesson 12, Unit 3

There are 107 pages included in this story unit!

Centers, Worksheets and Booklets

**”CH” Center~ Directions:Read the sentences. Decide what word is missing in each. Match ~ Complete Worksheet (fill in the blank)

**Spelling Words Booklet ~ Write 2 times, then write in a complete sentence.

**Roll, Read, and Color (2 pages ~ 6 spelling words on each)

**Color the Sound (ch)

**CH interactive notebook (2 pages, 1 with pictures, 1 without)

**Read, Color, and Write

**CH word and picture sorts

**Spelling and Vocabulary Flashcards

**CH Sound Sorting Center: Directions: Look at each picture. Decide if it has “ch” sound or not. Sort.

**Proper Nouns Sorting Worksheet

**Vocabulary cut and paste

**Vocabulary Words Matching Puzzles (Match definitions)
*Vocabulary Booklet ~write the definition for each word.

**Making Words (How Leopard Got His Spots)
**Making Words Worksheet
**ABC Order (vocabulary words) ~ Recording Sheet included
**ABC Order (spelling words) ~ Recording Sheet included

**2 ABC Order worksheets (1 cut and paste)

**Sequence of Events Center

**Sequence of Events worksheet

**Sequence of Events cut and paste

**Homophone Memory Match: Directions:
2 players ~ Take turns turning over 2 cards at a time. If the 2 words are homophones, then you get to keep the cards. The player with the most cards wins.

**2 Homophone Interactive pages

**Homophone Worksheet

**Write your own story

**Leopards (Can, Have, Are) Chart

**Retelling Booklet (2 versions)

**5 Journal Writing Prompts from the story.

**Daily Proofreading Page

3 reviews
    First Grade Berry Patch
    11 Jul 2023
    Great Resource!
    Candy N.
    11 Jul 2023
    Great resource!
    Heidi B.
    11 Jul 2023
    The kids love doing these activities and I love having these great resources available. Thanks for all the saved time!