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Luke Goes to Bat Journeys

Luke Goes to Bat Journeys

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Balanced Literacy, Grammar, Reading

Luke Goes to Bat Journeys
Lesson 17 (Unit 4)

Unit 1 Bundle
Unit 2 Bundle
Unit 3 Bundle
Unit 4 Bundle
Unit 5 Bundle
Unit 6 Bundle

Vocabulary Bundle of all 30 stories

I have chosen 4 important skills that are taught in this story. I also have included a vocabulary definition match, making words center and ABC Order with vocabulary.

Included are 7 Literacy Centers

**Sounds of Long I Word Sort (I, igh,y)
Directions: Read the sentence. Decide what word is missing.
**Fill in the blank sentences
**”igh”, “i”, and “y” word sort
**Long i picture sort (cut and paste)
**Spelling Booklet
**2 Pages of Roll, Read, and Color
**Find the shape
**Read and Graph
**Flashcards for high frequency words
Directions: Match the pair of words that are antonyms.
****Antonyms Worksheet ~Directions: Write an antonym for each word below
**Subject – Verb Agreement
Read each sentence. Decide if it has the correct subject – verb agreement. If it does, put a smiley face beside it. If not, put a frown face.
**Subject – Verb Agreement Worksheet
Directions: If the sentence sounds correct, color in the happy face. If not, color in the sad face.
**Subject – Verb Agreement Worksheet ~ Directions: Read the sentences below. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
**2 Vocabulary Booklets
**Vocabulary Words Matching Puzzles (Match definitions)
**Making Words (Look Goes to Bat)
**ABC Order (vocabulary words)
**ABC Order Cut and Paste
**Baseball Words ~ Match the word to the picture.
**Comprehension Questions Center
**Comprehension Questions Worksheet
**Luke Goes to Bat
Flow Chart
Directions: Cut and paste the correct order of the story.
**Retelling Booklet – Luke Goes to Bat
Directions: Fill out the characters and setting page. Start at the beginning of the story. Retell what happened at the beginning, 3 details in the middle, and then the end. Write at least 2 sentences on each page. Illustrate each page.
**Baseball Nouns ~ Directions: List as many nouns that relate to
baseball that you can think of.
**Choose 4 nouns and write them in a complete sentence.
**What Do You Know?
Directions: List what you know about baseball. Ask questions of what you want to know. Come back and chart what you have learned.
**KWL Chart
Baseball Players
Directions: Fill in the chart below
about baseball players.
**Design a Pennant

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    Despina P
    11 Jul 2023
    Great resources and the centers are great. It really makes my life easier!
    Ashley M.
    11 Jul 2023
    Great; very thorough resource.
    Shelby E.
    11 Jul 2023