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Mousekin’s Golden House Worksheets Booklets Seatwork Center

Mousekin’s Golden House Worksheets Booklets Seatwork Center

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Mousekin’s Golden House by Edna Miller

If you can’t find this story, it is online (maybe You Tube) with someone retelling it.

This book is timeless. Even though it is an older story, my students still really enjoy watching Mouseskin through his discovery of seeing a jack-o-lantern.

I have included several different worksheets to go along with the story.

**ABC Order (cut and paste)

**Sequencing (cut and paste) 2 versions (differentiated for different learners)

**Which Animal ~ (Probabilty)

**Find the shape ~ shape boxes (words from the story)

**Who Am I? Directions: Read the sentence(s) in each box below and glue to correct animal.

**Subject and Predicate ~ Directions: Color the subject orange and the predicate green.

**Statement or Question ~ Read each sentence below. Decide if it needs a (.) or a (?) at the end.
Hint: Statement ~ telling Question ~ asking

**Unscramble the sentences ~ Directions: Unscramble the sentences and write them correctly on the line.

**Roll, Read, and Color (Words from the story)

**Character, Setting, Plot Booklet

**Mice (Can, Have, Are) Directions: Use the chart you filled out about mice. Write at least 4 complete sentences in paragraph form.

**How Many Words Can You Make From “Mousekin’s Golden House”

**Choose 4 words from word box. Write them in complete sentences.

**Story Map

**Retelling Booklet – Mousekin’s Golden House
Directions: Fill out the animals and setting page. Start at the beginning of the story. Retell what happened at the beginning, 4 details in the middle, and then the end. Write at least 2 sentences on each page. Illustrate each page.

**Writing: What was your favorite part of the story? Why?

3 reviews
    sherry K.
    11 Jul 2023
    This was an engaging activity to use with my students! Thank you!
    Glenda W.
    11 Jul 2023
    My students enjoyed doing this during seatwork time.
    Donna B.
    11 Jul 2023
    A great resource to use with a classic fall story.