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Now and Ben Journeys

Now and Ben Journeys

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Homeschool Curricula, Activities, Centers


Balanced Literacy, Grammar, Reading

Now and Ben Journeys
(7 Literacy Centers) + Worksheets, Booklets, (100 Pages) Common Core Aligned

Unit 1 Bundle
Unit 2 Bundle
Unit 3 Bundle
Unit 4 Bundle
Unit 5 Bundle
Unit 6 Bundle

Vocabulary Bundle of all 30 stories

I have chosen 4 important skills that are taught in this story. I also have included a vocabulary definition match, making words center and ABC Order with vocabulary and comprehension questions. Also, a few printables to go with the story.

Included are 7 Literacy Centers + Worksheets and Booklets

** Words With (oa, ow, ee, ea) Directions:Read the sentences. Decide what word is missing in each. Match, Complete worksheet.

**Spelling Words Booklet

**Roll, Read, and Color (2 pages, 6 words on each page)

**-oa and -ow Word Sort Worksheet

**-ee and -ea Word Sort Worksheet

**Find the Shape (high frequency words)

**-ee and -ea Word Sort (Cut and Paste

**Prepositional Phrases ~ Directions:Match the prepositional phrase to the correct to complete each sentence.

**Dictionary Entry ~ Directions:Read the words. Decide if they would be in the beginning, middle or end of the dictionary. Once sorted, put in ABC order in each column. Record answers.

**Venn Diagram ~ After reading the story, list ways that are different “Now” and “Then”.

**Venn Diagram (Cut and Paste) ~ Directions:
Read each clue in the boxes, then decide if it describes how life was during “Ben’s Time”, how it is “Now”, or how it’s the same
“both”. Glue in Venn Diagram.

**Adjectives “Web” ~ Directions: List all of the words that you think of that describe Ben Franklin. Then write 4 complete sentences.

**Comprehension Questions about story ~Directions: Read each question. Find the answer and lay beside it. Complete Question page.

**Vocabulary Words Matching Puzzles (Match definitions)
*Choose 2 words and write in a complete sentence.
*Vocabulary Booklet

**Making Words (Benjamin Franklin)
**ABC Order (Vocabulary Words and Spelling Words)
**5 Journal Entry Pages

3 reviews
    Julie H.
    11 Jul 2023
    This is a great supplement for our curriculum and lends itself well for students to be independent workers while I work with small groups.
    Jeffrey W.
    11 Jul 2023
    Very great stuff
    Adeline Miron
    11 Jul 2023