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The Comprehension Gang: Reading Comprehension Strategy Posters

The Comprehension Gang: Reading Comprehension Strategy Posters

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English Language Arts, Reading, Reading Strategies

Well…after students read a story or text, they need to be able to comprehend what they have read. I don’t know about you, but there are some strategies that students know how to use the strategy, but if you tell them to visualize, they look like at you like you have 3 heads!
That is where The Comprehension Gang comes to save the day! Students are more likely to remember the name of the strategy if they have a friend or character that goes with that strategy. So now, when you tell them to use their friend, Picturing Panda, they will visualize what they are reading in their head.

The Comprehension Gang members include:
Connectin’ Caterpillar – connections
Questioning Cardinal – ask questions
Picturing Panda – visualizing
Inferring Flamingo – inferencing
Monitoring Monkey – monitoring comprehension
Determining Dolphin – determine importance
Gabby Giraffe – retell & synthesize

What’s included?
Poster for each reading strategy
Bookmarks with strategies (3 per page)
Circle toppers to add to popsicle sticks – perfect for use in reading groups

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3 reviews
    linda slak
    01 Mar 2024
    Love the colors!
    Kelley T.
    01 Mar 2024
    Cant wait to hang these up!
    Erin C.
    01 Mar 2024
    Fantastic Resource! Thank you