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10 Polar Animals Writing – Non-fiction Fact Cards and Posters

10 Polar Animals Writing – Non-fiction Fact Cards and Posters

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This file contains over 70 pages of fact cards, writing templates, mini-book templates, and journal prompts for 10 polar animals.

This is a no-prep writing activity that are perfect for differentiated writing centres! Both non-fiction and creative writing prompt cards are included for balanced literacy.

This pack provides early readers with SIMPLE sentences and straight forward, inspiring writing prompts. The informational cards isolate small pieces of information – one sentence on each card – so as not to be overwhelming.

This also allows for differentiation; you can specify how many cards each student should complete while students all work together at their own pace. Regardless of how much writing they can accomplish, students feel proud of themselves for doing “grown up research”!

Prep: Print and laminate the cards and posters. Copy the writing templates and mini book templates, and you are ready to go!
Students simply choose a card and use it to write onto the printable templates.

If you are focusing on one animal per week (using the templates for both the printable recording sheet and the mini-books) this unit can last about 10 weeks.

Please note: This single set if part of a larger bundle that is available at a MUCH reduced price! Take a quick look here to see everything included for your classroom:

Little Writers BUNDLE – Sealife, Rainforest, Polar and African Animals


Students choose a fact card that matches their animal printable writing template and write the fact on their template. All cards are color coded and include a picture of the animal they need for added organization.

When students are done writing, they cut around the edges of the writing template, and glue onto any colored paper background.
Staple the completed papers together for a wonderful research writing portfolio, or create a colorful bulletin board display!

There are also differentiation options included:

*Use the mini-book template with the fact cards to independently create small booklets (cut apart and add glue where indicated after cutting – no work for the teacher!)

*More fluent readers may use the full color poster of each animal with 5 non-fiction facts, rather than the single fact cards, or use alternate reference materials that you provide at their own reading level.

Other ideas:

*In whole group lessons, model how to find and record facts from books using the full color BLANK poster. You can also make your own single fact cards with your own facts (color blank cards included).

*There are extra half-sheets of writing paper that can be glued neatly underneath (or on top) of the writing lines for students who need more writing challenges. My more advanced students use reference books at their level and add several pages to each template.


Each animal pack also includes 5 simple non-fiction information cards and also has the following writing prompts:

(Using penguins as an example)

*If I had a pet penguin…
*If I brought a penguin to school…
*I would name my penguin…
*I think … (specific to animal details)
*If I were a penguin…
*A penguin superhero would…
*I wonder about penguins…

All sets contain the same format for independence and continuity, but with a new animal:

EACH of the ten animals has 7 pages that include:

*Color non-fiction facts poster,
*5 color fact cards,
*7 color writing prompts,
*1 printable writing template,
*1 printable mini-booklet template page,
*1 color blank poster to add your own non-fiction facts,
*6 blank card templates to create your own facts or writing prompts.

POLAR ANIMALS SET (70 pages – 10 Animal Sets)

*Penguin set (7 pgs)
*Polar Bear set (7 pgs)
*Seal set (7 pgs)
*Arctic Hare set (7 pgs)
*Arctic Fox set (7 pgs)
*Wolf set (7 pgs)
*Orca set (7 pgs)
*Puffin set (7 pgs)
*Walrus set (7 pgs)
*Snowy Owl set (7 pgs)

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    Sharareh W.
    09 Jul 2023
    I absolutely adore everything you make and have been following you forever! Thank you for you hard work!!!
    Lori M.
    09 Jul 2023
    My students love these!
    Rosemarie C.
    09 Jul 2023
    Great resource for polar animal unit