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1st Grade Math Lessons Numbers To 120 Workbook Activities Odd Even Skip Counting

1st Grade Math Lessons Numbers To 120 Workbook Activities Odd Even Skip Counting

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This comprehensive workbook is packed with 120+ printable activity pages, assessments and posters to explore numbers to 120 in 1st Grade. Each lessons includes math journal activity cards, partner work activity cards, thinking question cards, whole group lesson overviews, small and large group assessment, and more! Teachers can pick and choose pages to make personalized, appropriate learning experiences for each student.

This is a stand-alone collection of lessons and printable pages, math journal activities and partner activities. However it does have a complementary set of printable centres available in the Unit 7 Bundle. (Bundles are always available at a much reduced price).

Topics Covered In Unit 7 (over 100 pages of differentiated printables)

• Student Workbook Cover

• Reviewing Numbers 20-120

• Color by Numbers to 120

• Number Order to 120

• Counting Forward and Back to 120

• Number Chart Patterns / Number Sense

• Skip Counting by 10, 5 and 2

• Comparing Numbers to 120 – Greater Than / Less Than

• Odd & Even

• Number Bonds / Fact Families

• Assessment Pages


• Lessons & Extension Activities

Each unit includes 4-7 lesson plans that will guide your whole group lessons for each topic in the workbook. Each lesson includes:

Unit Goals & Lesson Warm Up

Materials List

Whole Group Thinking Question Cards

No prep Math Journal Activity Cards

Partner Work Activity Cards

Hands On Math Center Suggestions (centers not included in this listing but can be seen in the bundle )

Independent Practice – Workbook Pages

Math Vocabulary Cards

Assessment (small and whole group)

(Note: This listing is for the Unit 7 alone (without the printable centers). The suggested centers within the lessons are from the bundle, but you can substitute your own centers without any problems if you choose this workbook alone.)

• Differentiation

Where possible, multiple levels of activity pages are included. For students who may become easily overwhelmed with too much print on a page, only a few questions are presented. For those who need more challenge, more questions are presented per page. This allows you to differentiate your teaching of the same concept while being supportive of differing needs and abilities.

• Student Check-In

Where possible, activity pages have a section at the bottom asking students to reflect on how they feel about the activity. This will alert teachers to the need for possible intervention or to provide extra challenges, or simply start a conversation about math work in general.

• Assessment

Assessment pages are included at the end of the unit to measure student understanding. There are two different versions to use with students who sit beside each other, so you can get authentic results. Alternatively, these can be used as pre-assessments and post-assessments.


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