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8 Pattern Arms Octopus Math Craft (From Crafty Math Bundle 3)

8 Pattern Arms Octopus Math Craft (From Crafty Math Bundle 3)

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Math, Visual Arts

Integrate math and art to reinforce concepts in a new way!

Practice and solidify core math concepts in a fun and engaging way with this adorable math craft! My students LOVE learning math through art, and my classroom is always bright and colorful as we display our results.

For this math craft, students will work together to create paper chain arms for the whimsical octopus head that show understanding of different kinds of patterning (AB, ABB, ABCB, etc.)

  • There are full color posters included to guide your discussion about different patterns.
  • The octopus head is included in both black and white and full color. Once students finish their chain patterns, attach 8 arms to the octopus head and display! Older students may complete two arms each in a group of 4.
  • Extra Materials: There are templates for making pieces for paper chains, or you can just cut them up freehand to fill a bin.
  • Math Center: A printable math center is included for students to draw their own patterns on an octopus using dry erase markers.

**NOTE – This craft is part of a larger bundle: CRAFTY MATH BUNDLE 3

You can see everything included in the bundle by clicking HERE.

The price is always reduced when you choose the bundle.

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3 reviews
    Daphne K.
    09 Jul 2023
    My students loved making this craft when we were learning about the ocean habitat
    Alex R.
    09 Jul 2023
    I love using this fun craft at the beginning of the year with my kindergarten students! It's super fun and engaging for them!
    Sarah Van Kesteren
    09 Jul 2023
    My students loved working together to make a pattern octopus. I had each student make one arm for the octopus in an AB pattern, and they really enjoyed seeing their arms altogether and seeing how every octopus was different.