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9 Build An Alien Math and Literacy Game – from Roll Draw Write Full Year Bundle

9 Build An Alien Math and Literacy Game – from Roll Draw Write Full Year Bundle

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Balanced Literacy, Basic Operations, Writing

Students love math dice games, directed drawing, and writing about their art! This no-prep activity combines all three with a collection of comprehensive math practice drawing activities AND writing templates! It’s math, writing and directed drawing all wrapped up in a no-prep, high engagement activity. These are popular choices for your math and writing centers all year long, and perfect for early finishers. Since the drawings turn out different each time, students love to create over and over again!


This resource includes:

  • 11 different game board for each theme (each practices a different math skill)
  • 11 different generic writing templates to use with any of the game boards.

Please Note: The full year bundle includes 10 different drawing topics, as well as editable versions of game boards to customize your own math practice topics.

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Here are the skills to choose from in each set:

  • Numeral Recognition
  • Dice Number Recognition
  • Adding On: Roll and Add 1
  • Adding On: Roll and Add 2
  • Adding On: Roll and Add 3
  • Roll and Double the number
  • Roll and Triple the number
  • Roll and Double plus 1
  • Roll and Double plus 2
  • Roll and Double minus 1
  • Roll and Double minus 2


Students draw their pictures on the differentiated writing template you have selected for their skill level. Here is a list of general literacy skills:

  • Simple sentence building
  • Sequencing
  • Self-editing
  • Punctuation
  • Comic dialogue
  • Compare/Contrast
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Setting
  • Character
  • Plot
  • Conflict/resolution
  • Story writing
  • Descriptive writing

Specific Page Tasks

  • Basic Sentence With Starter Frame
  • Simple imaginative descriptions (name of monster, what it eats, etc)
  • Simple Sequencing
  • Compare/Contrast child vs monster, or two monsters
  • Cut/glue sentence building and self-editing/peer editing
  • Creating comics and dialogue in writing
  • Exploring sentences with verbs, adjectives
  • Using descriptive writing (color spinner on the page)
  • Exploring Setting, Character, Problem, Solution in story writing
  • Simple Story writing templates
  • Blank story writing pages (advanced)


For example, if students are building a monster:

  1. Roll to see which head to draw (pictured beside the number they roll).
  2. Roll to see which eyes to draw.
  3. Roll to see which nose to draw.
  4. Roll again to see which mouth to draw.
  5. Once the picture is done, use it as a writing prompt with one of the writing templates. Everything is done on one page to keep it simple.
  6. Use the writing templates for your writing assessment, using differentiated templates to ensure students are working on skills just right for them!

Drawing Themes in the FULL YEAR SET:

September – Build a Monster

October – Build a Bat

November – Build a Turkey

December – Build an Elf

January – Build a Snowman

February – Build a Valentine Bear

March – Build a Bunny

April – Build a Funny Clown

May – Build an Alien

June – Build a Bug

(plus Editable Versions of Game Boards)

Click HERE to see details about the full year Bundle.

Ways To Use This Resource:

  • sub plans
  • literacy centers
  • math centers
  • partner work
  • homework
  • morning work


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3 reviews
    Christine H.
    09 Jul 2023
    Wonderful work! This resource was very engaging and my kids enjoyed rolling the dice to create their alien character!
    Andrea Moon
    09 Jul 2023
    This is a great resource. The students engaged with the resource and it helped them learn this year.
    Emma The Educator
    09 Jul 2023
    My students loved creating these aliens. It allowed the not so creative little ones to still draw an amazing picture and gave inspiration to those that were a little more confident.