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APRIL Easter Seasonal Early Finishers Workbook

APRIL Easter Seasonal Early Finishers Workbook

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APRIL Seasonal Early Finishers Workbook featuring Easter themes:

This is a seasonal collection of creative and engaging activities that also incorporate either writing or math!

You’ll never have to scramble for extra activities when students complete their work at different times. It’s a simple and unique way to inspire your early finishers.

It’s also perfect for inside days, seasonal celebration activities, easy sub tubs, or seasonal literacy centers!

There are enough pages to last the entire month!

(10 months in The Full Year Bundle – Click HERE to see it).

If you prefer NON-SEASONAL early finisher activities,

CLICK HERE to see the IMAGINATION WORKBOOK that’s filled with engaging activities for math, literacy, problem solving and art!


  • Create a an “early finishers workbook” each month for students to keep in their desk, so whenever they are done early, they have something to keep them thinking, drawing and learning until time is up.
  • Choose any of the activity pages and keep a pre-copied set of them on the shelf for when you need them at unexpected times, such as sub days, inside recess, or unexpected free time.


There are 20+ activities in each monthly pack, and the individual activities repeat each month so students can gain confidence, mastery and independence through the year.

Activities included are:

  • Workbook Cover to color
  • Comic Writing Level 1
  • Comic Writing Level 2
  • Color By Numbers MATH
  • Writing Toppers 1
  • Writing Toppers 2
  • Build & Write Pictures 1
  • Build & Write Pictures 2
  • Color & Write
  • I Spy the Differences
  • Write A Letter
  • Game Board Designer
  • Mystery Message
  • Build A Picture & Write
  • Finish The Picture & Write
  • Copy A Doodle
  • Kindness Cards Square
  • Kindness Cards Round
  • Roll & Cover Math Game
  • Puzzle Pictures


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