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Close Reading Passages and Questions for Valentines Day

Close Reading Passages and Questions for Valentines Day

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Close Reading, Reading, Valentine s Day

Reading is an important part of the day for any student. Close reading takes your reading block to a whole new level. Using short passages and text-based questions your students will dig deeper for meaning in text and think more critically. This fictional Valentine’s Day reading passage is for a first grade student.

Is this a passage my students have read before?

Your download comes with an original and unique passage. The passage contains a few vocabulary words that may be hard for your students intentionally. This provides an opportunity to talk about difficult words in reading.

How do I use this resource in my classroom?

I’ve included a suggested weekly schedule to use with your reading passages. However, if my method does not work for you, these can be used in a variety of ways.

What is your suggested plan?

This resource was specifically designed so that each day of the week has a purpose

  • Monday: introduce the text (no questions)
  • Tuesday: understanding the text (basic comprehension questions)
  • Wednesday: vocabulary
  • Thursday: higher level thinking questions about the text
  • Friday: make connections

Can this be differentiated?

Your passages only come in one level, but you can differentiate the activity by selecting what types of questions your students will answer.

In the print version, your questions come on three separate pages:

  1. Check for Understanding and Focus on Vocabulary
  2. Dig Deep for Meaning
  3. Making Connections

This works great for my students! Do you have any more?

Yes! Try these fiction close reading passages!

3 reviews
    Sarah G.
    09 Jul 2023
    This was a great resource for my class. We read the passages and answered the questions.
    Casey Thrift
    09 Jul 2023
    Love this resource! I used it for my student to practice fluency and reading comprehension at his level.
    Academic Intervention Services in Room 11
    09 Jul 2023
    Super wonderful resource! I utilize this with students who are identified as in need of remediation in my AIS (Academic Intervention Service). Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.