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Compound Words Activities with Mittens

Compound Words Activities with Mittens

Created by Resource Ranch
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Bulletin Board Ideas, Activities, Centers


Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary

Whether you’re planning to introduce, practice or review compound words, this resource can help!

What is included in this resource?

There are 126 compound words. Each mitten has a word and when paired correctly they create one compound word. There are also 126 snowballs with compound words written in full. Mitten and snowball patterns have been included for your students to create their own. An ideas page and alphabetized list of all compound words is also provided.

Is this provided in color?

No, you can have students color the mittens or they can be copied on colored paper (see preview) or card stock. I like to provide a variety of colors to make the activities more appealing.

Do I have to use all the words at once?

You may choose the cards most appropriate for students. You can use all the cards for one activity or split them to use for different activities.

What are some ways to use these in my classroom?

  1. Literacy Center – Prepare pieces as follows or create your own unique center: I copy mittens on colored card stock, cut out mitten shapes, and laminate for visual appeal and durability. The snowballs I copy on white card stock, cut out, and laminate. (Great time to utilize volunteers who are willing to do things at home). I place Velcro dots on the thumbs of the mittens and opposite edges of snow ball for easy match-up. I also provide a recording sheet.
  2. Card Games – Use only mitten cards for this. You may want to decrease the size of the mittens when you print/copy. Cut cards on dotted lines. You can instruct students to play as they would “Concentration” or “Go Fish” (call it “Catch a Snowball” or something more creative).
  3. Interactive Bulletin Board – Place single mittens or just snowballs on a wintery background bulletin board. Place Velcro dots where missing pieces should go. Place additional pieces in a basket near board. Provide a self-check page for students to see if all their matches are correct when they finish.
  4. Create Your Own – Provide students with blank mittens (template included) and let them write their own compound words. I show my students how to use a ruler to mark a space for writing their words and then have them color patterns on the mittens on both sides of the word.

Do you have more resources to work on this skill?

Yes, your students may enjoy Chick and Egg Puzzles or this Word Train Activity.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

3 reviews
    Happy Math And More
    22 Jul 2023
    What a great center activity for my word work center! My students LOVED it! I love that you included the whole compound work in here too! Great resource!
    Penley's Pointe Educational Resources
    22 Jul 2023
    Such an amazing winter resource for our my students to review compound words! This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so much for a wonderful resource!
    Jessica Riedel
    22 Jul 2023
    A lot of word options!