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CVC Words Worksheets and Pocket Chart Center

CVC Words Worksheets and Pocket Chart Center

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EFL ESL ELD, English Language Arts, Phonics

Pocket charts are a staple resource in primary classrooms. Are you putting yours to good use? Pocket charts can be used to introduce, practice, or review several skills and subjects. A fantastic use of pocket charts is for center or station work.

Use these Phonics Super Sorts for CVC words to create a fun, engaging center that your students will love to return to again and again! Simply print, cut, and laminate to get started.

What is included in this resource?

Picture/Word Cards: these cards have a graphic to present a CVC word; the words can easily be cut apart from the picture if desired (color and black/white options)

Letter Cards: simple letter cards are included for students to build words (color and black/white options)

Sorting Cards: a sorting header is included for each word family covered

Sorting Worksheets: cut and paste worksheets for students to practice identifying different word families

What words are included?

There are 156 words included from 38 different CVC word families. The number of words per family varies from one to seven, so you may want to be selective in which families you choose to use with your students.

For example, an -om and -um sort may not be a wise choice as there is only one -om word versus four -um words. However, if you are simply sorting o word families, then you could include the -om word.

How should my students utilize these cards?

Your students can conduct various sorts with these cards. You could sort similar sounding families (-en and -in), words with the same vowel sounds (-eb, -ed, -eg, -em, -en, and -et), words with the same beginning sound, etc.

Sorting cards are only included for each word family, but the picture cards can certainly be used to sort other ways.

Can you provide the picture cards without words?

Due to the terms of use on the graphics, the pictures cannot be provided to you without the words attached. However, the cards were designed so you could easily cut off the word that matches each picture. This would allow you to make the sort more difficult and have students identify each word on their own.

I can’t print in color. Do you have this in black and white?

Yes! You can choose to print the picture cards and letter cards in color or black and white.

Is there a recording sheet included?

There are 16 sorting worksheets included with your resource. On each page, students will cut and paste pictures to the correct boxes by word family. The words are noted on each page in small print if your students have trouble identifying the words.

I highly suggest using the picture cards in conjunction with the worksheets. The small pictures can be harder for students to identify, which is why the words are listed on the page.

Which sorts are included as worksheets?

  1. -ab, -ib, -ob, -ub
  2. -ad, -ed, -id, -od
  3. -ag, -ig, -og, -ug
  4. -an, -en, -in, -un,
  5. -ap, -ip, -op, -up
  6. -at, -et, -it, -ot
  7. -am, -im, -um,
  8. -ad, -ap
  9. -an, -at
  10. -ab, -ag
  11. -en, -et
  12. -ig, -it
  13. -in, -ip
  14. -ob, -op
  15. -og, -ot
  16. -ug, -un

I love the idea of this center, but we aren’t focusing on this skill right now. Do you have any other sets available?

Additional sets of Phonics Super Sorts Pocket Chart Centers are planned for different skills. If you don’t see the skill you need, please reach out and let me know what you are looking for.

I don’t have a pocket chart! Can I still use this resource?

Absolutely! Your students can use this like any other center.

Do you have any other CVC resources?

Yes, I do! Check my CVC Word Work Bundle for lots of other resources you may be interested in.

3 reviews
    Full of Sparkles in First
    09 Jul 2023
    I am a big fan of pocket chart sorting activities. My students really enjoy them, and it helps reinforce what I am teaching.
    Julie B.
    09 Jul 2023
    this was ideal for small group/independent learning rotations
    Melissa J.
    09 Jul 2023