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Decimal Place Value Math Workshop Lesson Plan Unit

Decimal Place Value Math Workshop Lesson Plan Unit

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Decimals, Numbers, Place Value

Bolster and enhance your math instruction with the help of this jam-packed resource! I’ve created a fully functional unit about place value and rounding of decimal numbers that covers all of the important topics and skills for each concept. Let me help you by saving you precious time and energy!

More 5th Grade Math Workshop Units are Coming!

This math workshop unit is complete with vocabulary cards, 15 days of lesson plans that are very thorough and detailed, guided math activities, interventions and extension suggestions and much more! If you have been wanting to start math workshop and/or guided math in your class, this is the unit for you!

You can also get a free sample of one of my math workshop units for third grade here.

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This Unit Includes:

✓ What are decimals and their size?

✓ How does the placement of a digit affect its value?

✓ How do we read decimal numbers?

✓ How do we write decimal numbers?

✓ How can we represent decimals in base-ten form?

✓ How can we represent decimals in expanded form?

✓ What are equivalent decimals?

✓ How do we compare and order decimals?

✓ How do we round decimals (including using number lines)?

✓ How do we understand the size of decimals and relate it to benchmarks (zero, half, one)?

With This Unit You’ll Get:

✓ Vocabulary cards for word wall instruction

✓ Scripted lesson plans

✓ Anchor charts

✓ Detailed mini-lessons with necessary resources for implementation

✓ Intervention and enrichment

✓ Practice and reviews

✓ Math Centers and Activities for Guided Math

✓ Answer keys

What Other Buyers Have Said about other Math Workshop Units:

“Wow! You have put a lot of time and thought into this unit. It will be wonderful to have something to help me with guided math workshop for my students with special needs. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with 3 groups, but this will help me teach everyone the basic concept and then differentiate to meet their needs!” (Thank you, Mary A.!)

“This product is AMAZING! Not only have you have thought of every single detail, but you have laid it out in a beautiful way that is easy for kids to use and keeps them engaged. Thank you for including visuals like anchor charts for each lesson and vocabulary cards. This will really help the students understand the concepts more clearly. I especially love that you even included scripted lesson plans. They will be really helpful when I have tutors or others pull kids for intensive intervention because it will guide them on exactly what to say! I also appreciate that you included standards for grades 2-4 so that these lessons can both remediate and enrich depending on the needs of the students. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Will you be making more sets for other math standards? (I hope so!)” (Thank you, Adventures of a Schoolmarm!)

“This is an amazing resource! There is so much here and it is so well thought out. Often there just isn’t enough for additional practice and teaching for my kiddos who do not get it. This resource will keep us going until everyone gets it! Thank you!” (Thank you, The Happy Math Interventionist!)

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Final Notes:

While I recommend printing in color and laminating materials for future use, it is not necessary. These materials print just fine in grayscale. (Most materials include a black and white version.)

If you see ANYTHING that needs modifying, or if you have any questions, please contact me via the Q&A. I take my product creation and your satisfaction very seriously! Thanks!

It’s very important to me that you provide feedback so that I may improve and create products you will use and love! Please consider leaving detailed feedback. Additionally, each time you provide feedback, you earn TpT credits. These can be taken off purchases so you can get items free!

Don’t Miss Out!

These lessons are perfect for tutors, paraprofessionals, volunteers, and substitutes! They are low prep, too!

With 15 complete lesson plans in this unit, that’s less than a dollar a day for everything you need–worksheets, centers, scripted lessons, vocabulary, and much more! It’s definitely worth the value!

This unit plan is perfect if you have always wanted to implement math workshop but weren’t sure how or are just starting out! This unit plan saves you time! Additionally, with scripted plans it’s perfect for when you have a substitute!

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3 reviews
    Teaching With A Side of Fun
    09 Jul 2023
    love this
    Nicole Julian
    09 Jul 2023
    I am BLOW AWAY by this resource! I love the lessons, activities, and anchor chart! Every thing is well thought out and flexible! I am able to rearrange and omit lessons, however I see fit. This has been so helpful in my RtI classes. The activities are so fun and provide my students with a variety of things to do! I tell every teacher I can about this resource!
    Cindy Jackson
    09 Jul 2023
    Thank You!