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Editable Substitute Binder

Editable Substitute Binder

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Utilize this management tool to significantly cut down on the time it takes you to prepare for a substitute teacher. Make your life easier throughout the entire school year by prepping this editable binder at the begging of the year!

Why do I need to have a sub binder?

Inevitably you will need a substitute during the school year. Even if you brave going to school when you’re sick (which you shouldn’t!), there will be days missed for professional development. A substitute binder creates a central location that houses the most important information about your classroom. The substitute binder creates less work for you each time you prepare for a sub in your class.

What is included in the editable substitute binder?


★ General Information (Section Divider)

→ Teacher Information

→ Need to Ask for Help?

→ Class Roster

→ School Information

Class Procedures (Section Divider)

→ Our Daily Schedule (two options)

→ Our Specials Schedule

→ Student Expectations

→ Student Discipline

→ In Case of Emergency

Class Seating Chart (Section Divider)

Lesson Plans (Section Divider)

Student Information (Section Divider)

→ Student Information (allergies, meds, special needs, etc.)

→ How Students Get Home

→ Bus Rider Information

List of other items you should include in the binder

Substitute Notes – 2 pages for your subs to fill out how the day went and what was covered while you were gone

What program do I need to edit this resource?

The editable version of the sub binder is in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you do not have access to this software, there is also a printable version included.

Do I still need to write sub plans?

Unfortuantely, yes. The binder does not come with any plans. This resource only covers information about your students and how you run your classroom.

We are already well into the school year. Can I still use this?

Definitely! You can prepare and start using the sub binder at any time during the year.

How long will the substitute binder take to prep? Is it hard to edit?

The binder is like a guide to your classroom. It shouldn’t take you too long to put together because it is all about you and how you run things in your room. The initial setup may take a little time, but then it is done for the rest of the year!

Editing is not difficult, but don’t worry! In your download, you receive directions for editing the pages. If you still don’t feel comfortable editing, you can always print the PDF of the Substitute Binder. While you cannot edit this version on the computer, you can easily write your information in.

I love the organization I have using this resource! Do you have anything else to help get me organized?

Two things that help me stay organized are schedule cards and supply labels!

3 reviews
    Tweet Resources
    09 Jul 2023
    This is just what I needed! I love that you have included an editable powerpoint! So much easier to use than word:) Thank you so much for such an organized resource! Kind Regards, Chrystine
    Lindy du Plessis
    09 Jul 2023
    This is perfect, it's so easy to edit! Thank you!
    Staying Cool in the Library
    09 Jul 2023
    Wonderful resource! Easy to use and edit for my needs.