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Effort Rubric / Self-Assessment Rubric

Effort Rubric / Self-Assessment Rubric

Created by Addie Williams
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English Language Arts, For All Subject Areas, Study Skills

Looking for a way to motivate students to do their best work? Try this Effort Rubric to encourage students to fully complete their work. I’ve used a “Pizza Analogy” in my classroom for years to help my students understand the difference between Meeting Expectations (basic cheese pizza) and Exceeding Expectations (deluxe pizza). I have used it in classrooms ranging from 5-12th grade with great success. The “pizza analogy” can be applied to ANY subject and any type of assignment or project for almost all grade levels.

I loved overhearing my students talking about the “pizza toppings” they added to their work last year!

Posters come in two themes – White Background (for easy at home printing) or Chalkboard Theme (if you choose to print elsewhere). I also have both sets written as “You” Statments (You Did It!) and as “I” Statements (I Did It!)

Includes –

– Poster for each level of rubric (4)

– Bookmarks for easy student reference

– Mini-classroom poster of rubric

– “Top It Up” Poster or Student Reference Sheet

– 3 Rubrics – Self-Assessment, Peer-Assessment, and Teacher Use

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Classroom Poster Pack

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3 reviews
    Belinda Gustin
    09 Jul 2023
    Love your work! This is a lot like my cookie example. I am printing the levels to put up on the wall and just wish there was a title (landscape) that said Top it Up! or something like that, to put at the top!
    Cherished and Cheerful Teaching
    09 Jul 2023
    This was absolutely perfect for my 5th graders!! They used this lingo DAILY!! When we had to clear our walls for testing, it was one of the main things my kiddos begged for back! Thank you!!
    Justine D.
    09 Jul 2023
    Kids. Love. Pizza. --- I. Love. Pizza. This was the perfect growth mindset for my classroom! Thank you!