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Ending Blends Stamping Worksheets for Literacy Centers

Ending Blends Stamping Worksheets for Literacy Centers

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English Language Arts, Phonics

Need more ideas for your word work or literacy stations? Try these ending blends stamping centers and watch your students have fun while they’re learning! Multiple formats will help you differentiate for varied needs in your students or keep your stamping center fresh and engaging for weeks!

What are the benefits of a stamping center?

Unlike many resources where your students are tracing or copying words, these stamping worksheets require students to really think about the letters and sounds of every word they are working with. Stamping centers also provide fine motor practice.

What will my students be doing in this center?

Each set includes 1 page for each ending blend (ft, ld, lf, lt, mp, nd, ng, nk, nt, pt, sk, st) and 12 pages of mixed ending blends practice.

Set One: students identify six pictures, trace the word with a ending blend, and stamp the ending blend

Set Two: students identify and color six pictures, trace the ending blends, stamp the ending blends, and write the word

Set Three: students identify six ending blend pictures, stamp the ending blend in the boxes, and write each word on the line

Will my students become bored using similar worksheets?

No! In fact, using similar worksheets throughout the year will give your students confidence in their work and eliminate questions about how to complete their work.

Each stamping center in my store comes with three types of worksheets, allowing you to vary the practice if you are working on a particular phonics skill for a long time.

What kind of stamps do I need?

Any set of alphabet stamps that are smaller than one inch will work. I use the Melissa and Doug stamps, but you will find many options available through retailers such as Amazon.

Should this be used as its own center or as part of word work?

I incorporated these worksheets into the word work options for students, because I used thematic monthly centers for your daily literacy stations. However, these would work well as an independent center.

Do you have more phonics resources?

Absolutely! I have many worksheets, centers, and more available in my store. Check out my word work category to learn more about what else I offer.

2 reviews
    James B.
    09 Jul 2023
    Love the options! Comprehensive. I used this for word work during daily five. Thanks for a great product!
    Dynamic Learning Resources
    09 Jul 2023
    Wow! This is such a comprehensive set on blends! I love the variety of activities!