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February Early Finishers Activities

February Early Finishers Activities

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English Language Arts, Math, Valentine s Day

The Fun When You’re Done Early Finishers System is a comprehensive resource for first grade teachers looking to keep their students engaged and challenged during those precious extra minutes in the classroom. Designed for early finishers or fast finishers, this system is perfect for students who complete their work ahead of their peers and are often left asking, “I’m done! Now what?”

The resource includes ten activities, each with five options, that are aligned with first grade standards. Activities include:

  • Calendar Questions: Students will fill in the dates on the calendar for the month and answer questions, with a special holiday noted on each of the five pages for the students to locate.
  • Smart Chart: Students will fill in the missing numbers on a 120 chart, with five options included, varying the spaces for students to fill in.
  • Mystery Words: Students will cut out letter tiles and create as many words as they can, recording their words and attempting to solve for the word that uses all the letters.
  • Draw and Write: Students will use a word bank to help them write about their picture after following five steps to help them draw it.
  • Able to Label: Students will use a word bank to label five parts of an image, then use at least one of those words to write a sentence.
  • Hidden in Pictures: Students will hunt for six hidden words inside of a picture and use at least one to write a sentence.
  • Acrostic Poems: five acrostic poem templates are included for the month, given in two options, for students to write and draw a picture or write and color a picture.
  • ABC Order: Students will cut out the six word cards and utilize the alphabet line to put the words in alphabetical order, then write a sentence.
  • Stirred Words: Students will unscramble the letters to spell six different words, using a word bank to help them solve for the scrambled words.
  • Amazing Facts: Students will solve a fun-shaped maze, trace a fact, and write one question they have about the theme of the page.

This month’s activities are themed around Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, dental health, and presidents. Some pages include answer keys, some have partial answer keys, and some do not have keys at all. A printing guide is included at the beginning of your download, that tells you if an answer key is provided for each activity.

To get the most out of this system, I recommend you only choose one page for each activity to give to students every week. Consider changing their choices on Friday afternoons so students will have new choices each week. Alternatively, if your students don’t spend a lot of time with these activities you may choose to leave the same materials out for a few weeks or the entire month.

To keep the pages organized, I suggest investing in a 10 drawer rainbow cart, which can be found at Michaels, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and other retailers. You can dedicate one drawer to each activity to make it easy for you to swap out materials, as well as make it simple for students to pull out their chosen activity.

While the pages have an academic element to them, the emphasis is on fun and engagement, with elements like coloring, drawing, and creative writing. Keep your first graders engaged and learning with the Fun When You’re Done Early Finishers System!

2 reviews
    Mrs Christy's Leaping Learners
    09 Jul 2023
    This is GREAT!
    09 Jul 2023
    This product has every teacher need to have the kids engage once they finish their work. I know my kids will love these activities. Thank you for creating them!