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First Grade Math Solving Equations by Making 10

First Grade Math Solving Equations by Making 10

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Task Cards, Activities, Centers


Arithmetic, Basic Operations, Word Problems

This set contains math rings for solving addition problems by making 10. Print, cut and laminate these cards then place them on rings for a portable math center or small group activity.

Set 1: These rings contain math problems on one side and a blank on the other. The students find the two numbers that make 10 and then rewrite the problem as a 10+___ problem on the right side of the card..
Set 2: (Number Bond Level A) These rings contain number bonds on both side. One side has a complete number bond and the other has a number bond with the sum already included. Students must write a 10+___ in the number bond to make it equal to the problem on the left.
Set 3: (Number Bond Level B) With this ring, student will solve for the missing addend by making 10.
Set 4: This ring contains three part word problems. Students must draw the picture for each problem and then solve the problem by making 10.
Set 5: This ring has word problems where students must make 10 to sold the problem.

This product is included in the following bundle:
First Grade Math Ring Bundle

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