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Fry 101-200 Sight Words Read Write and Draw

Fry 101-200 Sight Words Read Write and Draw

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Printables, Activities, Centers


Reading, Spelling, Writing

Practice reading sight words with these sight word sentences. These sight word fluency sentences provide students with a fun way to practice reading sight words.

Students will read the sentence containing the sight word. They will then write the sentence and finally, draw a picture about the sentence. Each sight word is represented with its own page.

What is Included:

  • One page for each fry sight word
  • Extra pages for alternate spellings where necessary
  • A blank page for students to write their own sentences.

There is a blank page at the end for students to write their own sentence with the desired sight word. This allows for differentiation for students who are more advanced.

These sight word worksheets are a no prep, print and go resource for a quick activity for a writing center, small group activity or sub plans. Students can use these pages as a quick review of the sight words they are learning.

Ways to Use:

  • Writing Center Activity
  • Small Group Activity
  • Sub Plans
  • Homework
  • Review Activity

This product is also part of a money saving bundle. The Fry 101-200 Sight Word Fluency Bundle allows students to practice sight words by reading sentences, reading fluency passages and by writing the sight words.

Bonus File: This product contains a Easel ready activity where students will type the sentence then draw a picture using the pen tool to show they understood the sentence they read.

This packet contains Fry’s Second 100 High Frequency Words:

after, again, air, also, America, animal, another, answer, any, around, ask, away, back, because, before, big, boy, came, change, different, does, end, even, follow, form, found, give, good, great, hand, help, here, home, house, just, kind, know, land, large, learn, letter, line, little, live, man, me, means, men, most, mother, move, much, must, name, need, new, off, old, only, our, over, page, picture, place, play, point, put, read, right, same, say, sentence, set, should, show, small, sound, spell, still, study, such, take, tell, things, think, three, through, too, try, turn, us, very, want, well, went, where, why, work, world, years

This set is also available with the following sight word lists:

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