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Google Slides Scrambled Sentence Building Activity

Google Slides Scrambled Sentence Building Activity

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Google Apps, Internet Activities, Centers


English Language Arts, Reading, Writing

These digital sentence building activities will help your students practice organizing print in a meaningful way. Students will enjoy the colorful scenes and be engaged with movable words which they will use to create sentences.

Why is this called Sentence Sliders?

This series features movable words to help students build sentences. Each set is designed around a theme and offers 20 different scenes to provide picture support.

How are the Super Sets different from your thematic sets?

The Super Sentence Sliders include twenty scenes with different themes. In the second set, students will work with sentences about the circus, outdoor activities, shopping, and more! This variety allows you to appeal to students with many interests and utilize the resource throughout the year.

What skills are covered with this Sentence Sliders resource?

Students will demonstrate their understanding of sentence structure through building sentences. Students will practice reading with a focus on sight words.

How do students complete the activities?
Each of the 20 activities has six words. Students look at the picture clue, read the words, and then rearrange the words to complete sentence related to the picture. There is an example provided for students.

Will my students be able to read all the words?

Most of the words used are grade level appropriate sight words. The picture support will help students that may be unsure of the additional vocabulary included.

What program does this resource use?

This digital center was created with Google Slides™ and can be used in your Google Classroom™.

Will you have access to my Google Drive?

No! Your download comes with links for you to make a copy of this Sentence Sliders resource.

I thought this was a Google resource. Why am I downloading a PDF?

The PDF includes the links to your resource.

Do I have to use all the slides?

No, just use what you need. You may choose to send just one or two slides at a time or eliminate a slide entirely. I highly suggest creating a master copy of the original file in your Drive. Then create a copy to make any changes to (such as deleting or rearranging slides).

I need more differentiation. Do you have an advanced version available?

Yes, you can find a similar resource with two sentences per slide in Resource Ranch’s store.

3 reviews
    Teach Fun in First
    09 Jul 2023
    My kids enjoyed this.
    09 Jul 2023
    Loved this resource. It made my students go back and reread their sentences to make sure they used all the words and it still made sense. I broke each set down into multiple sets so my students were not so overwhelemed.
    Stephanie Kelley
    09 Jul 2023
    A great resource for my students to work on their sentence wording and reading sight words.