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Laundromat Comparing Numbers Math Centers and Activities for Kindergarten

Laundromat Comparing Numbers Math Centers and Activities for Kindergarten

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Implementing engaging kindergarten math centers in your classroom has never been easier! This set of standards-based laundry comparing centers will have your students excited for math centers every day!

Your students will improve their number sense skills with these five math centers. In these comparing numbers centers, students will work on counting and comparing numerals and sets of pictures.

These hands-on and interactive centers are part of the City Centers System, a systematic approach to learning centers for the whole year. Use these laundry comparing numbers centers independently or in conjunction with my other kindergarten math centers.

While these centers were developed as part of the City Centers System, they can be used in any classroom setting as part of your regular math centers even if you don’t use the entire system!

This number sense resource includes:

  • 5 thematic centers (color and ink-saving black and white versions)
  • 3 accountability sheets (options for 8, 10, and 12 boxes to record answers)
  • 5 thematic worksheets
  • location sign (optional use for City Centers System)

These comparing numbers centers work on comparing sets of pictures and numerals to 20 using words and symbols.

  1. Compare the Pair: Students count the objects and determine which one represents the lesser number.
  2. Explore More: Students use manipulatives to show a number that is one more than the given amount.
  3. Sort Support: Students sort the cards to show which numbers are greater or less than the given number.
  4. Greater Locator: Students cover the numbers that are greater than the given number.
  5. Nimble Symbol: Students use the symbols <, =, and > to compare the given numbers.

The centers come with accountability sheets and worksheets.

The accountability sheets are simply a place for students to record the answers from the center they worked with. Students will match the letter on their card to the letter on the paper and write their answers. These sheets are included with answer boxes for A-H, A-J, and A-L. If you want your students to use these pages, simply choose the appropriate number of answer boxes for each center.

Alternatively, the thematic worksheets can be used without the center materials. That means you can use these comparing numbers worksheets at any time. This is a great way to extend learning and let students work on their skills at home.

These kindergarten number sense activities are designed to be used during your math centers. Once you’ve introduced numbers to 20 to your students, they should be able to complete these activities independently.

The comparing numbers centers can also be used during small group instruction, as early finishers activities, or with classroom volunteers. The thematic number sense worksheets can be used without the counting centers and are great for morning work or homework.

This set of kindergarten math centers is part of the City Centers System. At its core, the City Centers System is a collection of centers designed to work together to create a methodical approach to independent learning in the classroom over the course of a year.

Throughout the year you can add locations like the laundromat to your city. When students rotate through their math stations, they will visit different locations which have thematic centers.

The City Centers System includes a variety of counting centers for comparing numbers across all locations. This allows you to keep center work fresh and engaging by working with different themes even though students are already familiar with the activities. This method also saves you time because you don’t have to constantly introduce and explain new centers to your students.

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