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Patterns Activity with Cubes

Patterns Activity with Cubes

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Do you find that your students struggle with completing and extending patterns? These activity cards with help guide your students through building and extending over 1,000 patterns!

Over 1,000 cards, I can’t print that many!

There are a lot of cards available to give you options for difficulty and the color options you have available. First, look through the cubes in your classroom and not which colors you have that match the cards – there is a color guide included in the teacher’s note. Then go through the cards and decide which ones your students can work with. Since it is unlikely you have every color cube, the AB, AAB, and ABB cards are provided in all possible options.

Note: The more complex cards (ABC, AABC, ABBC, ABCC, and ABCD) are only made with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink cubes.

There is a lot included in this resource. How can I easily find what I need?

Your download comes as a ZIP file. Each pattern type (AB, ABC, etc.) comes in a separate PDF. Inside each PDF, the cards are organized by the color each pattern starts with. For example, the first six pages of the AAB cards all being with the color red. If you don’t have red cubes, simple skip printing those pages.

I’m thinking of using these in my morning tubs. Do you think they will hold up?

I highly suggest you print the cards on cardstock and laminate them for durability – they might even last several years if you take the time to prep them now. The great thing about having so many options in this resource is that you can swap the cards out regularly. Students will be familiar with the activity but always practicing different patterns, which makes this the perfect activity for morning tubs or independent centers!

How can I keep my students accountable with this activity?

This download also comes with 30 different worksheets that can be used as a recording sheet for centers, an extension of a lesson, or even for assessments. There are pages that are blank for students to color or color and label their work, pages with a specific pattern for students to complete or extend, and pages with mixed practice for students to complete or extend.

3 reviews
    Brian D.
    09 Jul 2023
    Used in math center for kids to make patterns. Easy to use and implement; wish the cubes were shown connected though.
    Amanda D.
    09 Jul 2023
    Very engaging for students, thankyou for a great resource :)
    Michelle B.
    09 Jul 2023
    I used this a lot at the beginning of the year with K students, then throughout the year as a review from time to time. Thank you for sharing!