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Pirate Alphabet File Folder Games

Pirate Alphabet File Folder Games

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EFL ESL ELD, English Language Arts, Special Education

Learning the alphabet is a foundational skill to create successful readers and writers. Keep your students engaged as they are learning their letters with this pirate themed set of file folder centers.

How is this resource differentiated?

There are four centers included in your download that will grow with your students.

Level One – Lowercase Letters: students will match the letter on their card to the letter inside the folder

Level Two – Uppercase Letters: students will match the capital letter on their card to the letter inside the folder
Level Three – Letter Order: students will identify the missing letter in a series on their card to the letter inside the folder
Level Four – Letter Sounds: students will match the missing letter sound on their card to the letter inside the folder (all cards use beginning sounds with the exception of the letter x)

How can I keep my students accountable during this center?

There are twelve worksheets included in your download – three for each skill. These can be completed after working with the center or at a later time to assess students on each skill.

Should all my students be using the same center at the same time?

You can choose to prepare multiple copies of each center to allow several students to work on the same skills at the same time. Or you can prepare all the centers and match student abilities to the appropriate center.

What are the benefits of using a file folder center?

File folder games have been part of the classroom for a long time. There are many benefits to adding them as a staple resource in your classroom.

Here are few reasons I love these centers:

  • half the prep of traditional centers
  • easy to store
  • portable
  • folders are already provided by the school

I love this! Do you have similar activities?

Yes! Introduce these file folder centers once and let your students practice with any of these four themes: detectives, divers, pilots, and pirates.

I’m looking for engaging alphabet materials. Do you have any other resources?

Yes! You can find several other materials in my store such as worksheets, centers, books, and more.

3 reviews
    Kristen Howell
    09 Jul 2023
    I have a few still trying to learn letters and sounds, and they are getting tired of the things we have been using. We are a pirate themed school/classroom, and when I pulled this out, they perked right up. Super resource and easy to prep.
    Resource Ranch
    09 Jul 2023
    This is so cute and I love the differentiation! This will be perfect to use during "Talk Like a Pirate" week!
    Innovative Teacher
    09 Jul 2023
    Thank you for this user-friendly and fantastic resource!