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Print Alphabet Line – Calming Watercolor Decor

Print Alphabet Line – Calming Watercolor Decor

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Are you in search of soothing colors to enhance your classroom environment? Doing an ocean theme but don’t want everything in your class covered with fish? This Calming Blue and Green Print Alphabet Line is the perfect way to add style to your classroom without overwhelming the senses.

All about that watercolor? Grab the Calming Blue and Green Watercolor Theme Classroom Decor Bundle and save up to 30% on the entire product line! This is a Growing Bundle so ACT NOW to lock in the best price!

Please click the green PREVIEW button to see all 16 styles included in your purchase.

You can also see each style by clicking the thumbnail above!.

Your purchase includes:

☁️ 200+ page PDF file- 16 Print Alphabet Line styles (8 with visuals, 8 without)

This product is very simple to use- simply find the style you like, and print!

Need a customization? Limited customizations to this product are available. Contact [email protected] for more information. Customizations currently offered are:

~7×10 size Alphabet Line

~Lined Alphabet Letters

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3 reviews
    Paloma G.
    10 Jul 2023
    Thank you for the resource!
    Brooke D.
    10 Jul 2023
    These look so wonderful in my blue watercolor classroom. I also love the updated pictures that better match the beginning sounds and vowels. Thank you for that update!
    Tammy H.
    10 Jul 2023
    (Edited: The author plans to change the pictures to match the beginning sound of the letters. Thank you for working with me! You’re awesome! )The colors are beautiful and match my room, so I purchased it. However, the pictures are inappropriate for teaching beginning letter sounds. The O has a picture of an owl which begins with OW which is a digraph and does not make the O sound. The T has a tree which begins with TR which is a blend. The A has a picture of an ant. I wonder if the creator can change the pictures.