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Printable Social Story 16 – How Monsters Learn From Mistakes-Story and 5 Lessons

Printable Social Story 16 – How Monsters Learn From Mistakes-Story and 5 Lessons

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Character Education, Classroom Community, Reading

How Monsters Learn From Mistakes (Book 16) is a 13-page social story featuring cute monsters who teach that mistakes are okay, and that we can learn from them. The monsters give several examples of how they have learned from the consequences of their own mistakes.

At the end of the story there are yes/no questions that review the story elements and reinforce concepts. These can be printed as part of the book, or left off the final printed version.

At the end of the story there are yes/no questions that review the story elements and reinforce concepts. These can be printed as part of the book, or left off the final printed version.

This social story is part of a 16-week Social Skills Program.

These SEL social stories have been carefully designed to help you introduce and explore essential social skills and distance learning concepts in a funny, lighthearted way. Print the 16 stories to be enjoyed all year long in your classroom library! Students fall in love with the quirky monsters and can choose to read the stories often for the rest of the year.

Each of the units includes a 12-page printable social story (or e-book) and a full week of matching lessons and activities that focus on an essential social skill.

Use these stories year after year to ensure that you’ve covered essential social skills – all the planning has been done for you! You can see more pictures of the books and lesson plans HERE.


  • This download includes the printable story in PDF formats to print and add to your class library. Or, you can use the PDFs to project the pages onto a white board as you read aloud.
  • Lesson plans (five simple lessons per story).
  • Printable activities for all five lessons which vary with each lesson. Examples are: journal templates, vocabulary sorting cards, anchor charts, and assorted activities such as partner plays, simple art projects, flip books, comics, game boards, and more!

As an ebook, the story is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat (Full Screen Mode)


You can see the preview by clicking the green button near the top of this page. The preview includes a single page preview for each of the 16 books in chronological order, so you can scroll through quickly to find the one for this listing. Please look at the preview to see the details before purchasing to ensure these are right for your needs.

NOTE: Should you choose a single story and later wish to then purchase the bundle, contact TPT to be reimbursed for the price of the single story pack (within a year of purchase).

COMPLETE COLLECTION of Social Skills Monster books available

BUNDLE 1 (click HERE to see them)

1. How Monsters Show Emotions (identifying expressions and body language)

2.How Monsters Use Technology</a> (Using Technology Responsibly)

3. How Monsters Stop Germs From Spreading (hand washing, etc.)

4. How Monsters Calm Down (calm down strategies)

5. How Monsters Respect Diversity (celebrating differences)

6. How Monsters Give Compliments (Friendship Circles)

BUNDLE 2 (Click HERE to see them)

7. How Monsters Spread Kindness (Examples and benefits of kind acts)

8. How Monsters Focus On Tasks (Concentration strategies)

9. How Monsters Say Sorry (When and how to apologize when you make a mistake)

10. How Monsters Have Manners (Examples and importance of being polite)

11. How Monsters Solve Problems (8 actionable problem solving strategies for kids)

BUNDLE 3 (Click HERE to see them)

12. How Monsters Have Personal Space (Respecting personal space)

13. How Monsters Persevere (Keep trying even when it’s hard, and the power of YET)

14. How Monsters Follow Rules (Following directions and class rules)

15. How Monsters Use Math Strategies (Using math strategies to help with frustration)

16. How Monsters Learn From Mistakes (Mistakes are okay; we can learn from them.)


*Previous stories #2 and #6 have been updated with new topics.


These are PDF files. Please ensure you have the correct programs to open and use them. If you have any trouble with downloading or printing, please read the help on this page:

If you still need troubleshooting, please email [email protected] and the TPT tech team will be happy to help you.

MONSTER STORIES: AUDIO VERSIONS: The Monster Books are also available in another bundle sold separately as interactive, DIGITAL read-alouds! Hosted on Boom Learning, students can enjoy the stories on any computer or device, and listen to the story being read aloud!

The digital version also includes interactive, self-checking questions at the end of each book to reinforce skills. These can be enjoyed on any device your students are using!

CLICK HERE to see a few sample pages from the audio book version hosted at BOOM Learning. Please note that it will be a separate purchase from this listing, so you may wish to choose either printed OR audio as they are sold separately. Thank you!

(Audio versions will be posted within 2 weeks of the printable version to allow for the processing of audio files and interactive activities.)


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3 reviews
    Lauren T.
    09 Jul 2023
    A colorful, fun, easy to use resource to use to teach students about learning from their mistakes!
    Deborah B.
    09 Jul 2023
    I love teaching Growth Mindset in the classroom. I was struggling with how to teach it effectively and in an engaging way. I came across this resource and loved it. I am going to purchase the rest of them.
    Jennifer S.
    09 Jul 2023
    This is a cute resource that is engaging for my students.