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R Controlled Vowels Write the Room

R Controlled Vowels Write the Room

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English Language Arts, Grammar

This r-controlled vowels write the room set is sure to engage your kindergarten or first grade students. Designed to reinforce the recognition, writing, and illustration of r-controlled vowel words, this comprehensive resource will captivate young learners and promote their phonics skills development.

What’s included in this r-controlled vowels write the room resource?

Your download includes five exciting sets packed with eight vibrant picture cards and six accompanying worksheets. These worksheets have been thoughtfully crafted to provide differentiated practice opportunities and enable students to complete the activity multiple times, ensuring continuous skill reinforcement.

The picture cards are also in black and white if you are limited on color copies.

What r-controlled vowel words are included?

Set #1: arm, barn, car, farm, jar, shark, star, yarn

Set #2: flower, gerbil, hammer, her, letter, mermaid, river, spider

Set #3: bird, birthday, circus, dirt, first, girl, shirt, squirrel

Set #4: acorn, cord, corn, horn, horse, sports, thorn, torn

Set #5: burger, fur, nurse, purse, surf, turkey, turtle, yogurt

How is this different than other write the room sets?

What truly sets these r-controlled vowels write the room sets apart is the wide variety of worksheets included. With diverse formats and engaging exercises, students will have a blast while learning. From tracing and writing r-controlled vowel words to illustrating them, these worksheets offer an array of interactive and stimulating experiences that cater to different learning preferences and abilities.

When could I utilize this phonics activity?

This product is carefully tailored to support dedicated teachers like you in delivering effective and engaging phonics instruction. It is ideal for both classroom settings and homeschooling environments. By incorporating this resource into your literacy centers or daily phonics lessons, you can easily differentiate instruction and provide your students with valuable hands-on practice in a dynamic and enjoyable manner.

Boost your students’ phonics proficiency and make learning r-controlled vowels a memorable experience with this r-controlled vowels write the room activity. Watch as your students eagerly explore the picture cards, discover r-controlled vowel words, and actively participate in writing and illustrating them.

3 reviews
    Jennifer Benes
    09 Jul 2023
    Great to use with my lower readers during the year.
    Kelli S.
    09 Jul 2023
    This is exactly what I was looking for!
    Karima's Teaching Korner
    09 Jul 2023
    Very helpful for extra practice!