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Tortoise and Hare STEM Challenge and Growth Mindset Flip Book

Tortoise and Hare STEM Challenge and Growth Mindset Flip Book

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Balanced Literacy, Engineering, Math

As a coordinator or STEM projects, I have started incorporating Growth Mindset lessons together with STEM with great results.

Why is teaching them both together so important? Students with a positive growth mindset are much more likely to take chances, think outside the box, and persevere when their first ideas don’t quite work out as planned. This is ESSENTIAL for STEM study and one of the main goals of exploring STEM.

This set is part of a larger Bundle 2 and also part of the Full Year Mega Bundle.
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Growth Mindset STEM BUNDLE 2

STEM Mega Bundle for the Entire Year (Bundle 1 and 2 together)

What’s in this set?

There are 4 steps in each Fairy Tale set.

1 – A Fairy Tale partner play to read aloud. Students decide which characters have a growth mindset and which have a fixed mindset.

2 – A Growth Mindset Flip Book (see thumbnail and preview)

3- Each story sets up a simple STEM challenge. Students use the materials you provide to create different things to “help” the characters from the story.

4- A STEM Flipbook, which guides students through the STEM process of brainstorming, improving and reflecting on the engineering process.

You can use any supplies you have for the STEM projects – just toss them into bins and you’re ready to go. Some suggestions are: tape, craft sticks, glue, foil, straws, string, wire or pipe cleaners, small paper cups, elastic bands, plastic spoons, etc.

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I appreciate your feedback! I hope you enjoy these activities as much as my students did. If you have any questions or comments please email me directly at [email protected]

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3 reviews
    Kelly N.
    09 Jul 2023
    I used these during a STEM summer camp as a way to introduce fairy tales (we will use them during Writing Workshop later in the school year) and to talk about Growth Mindset. The packets were engaging and the stem challenges were easy to gather supplies for. I showed my students a version of the actual fairy tale on YouTube before they read the partner play, and this turned out to be a great introduction. We completed one fairy tale challenge a day. With is being summer school, we did not complete the packets on growth mindset each day. After the first day, I turned the rest into slideshows for a small group discussion. The STEM planning books were great. I didn't take the time to organize them as flip books (the way they were intended) and instead stapled them on the left side to make a booklet. The flip book would have taken more time to cut and assemble than I could muster. The directions were clear and the samples provided in the teacher's notes were great! My students really enjoyed them. This particular challenge was the most difficult for my students as they struggled with paper airplanes. Boy did it open up a good discussion on growth mindset! I found videos on how to make paper airplanes to help and found the kids really struggle with fine motor skills. Which means I should do more of them. By far, the most effective growth mindset lesson of the set!
    Polly P.
    09 Jul 2023
    The kids enjoyed reading the script and then doing the corresponding STEM activity. Easy and fun!
    Bethany C.
    09 Jul 2023
    This is a fun resource for presenting fixed vs. growth mindsets. My son really got it right away and the activities were great!