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Weather Lapbook

Weather Lapbook

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Thematic Unit Plans, Printables, Activities


English Language Arts, Science

Looking for a new, comprehensive resource to talk about weather in your classroom? Use this interactive weather lapbook to get your students excited about your science lessons! This lapbook covers several weather topics and keeps everything in one convenient location.

What is included in the resource?

To help you get acquainted with the resource and see the final product, photos of the assembled lapbook are included. You can see the lapbook in action by looking at the preview of this resource.

You’ll also find directions for you. Each piece to the lapbook has its own instruction page detailing the purpose, assembly, and placement. Each experiment also comes with its own set of directions.

The rest of your resource is the actual lapbook templates – these are the student pages.

How many pieces are there to complete the lapbook?

There are eight main pieces to this lapbook. You can choose to omit pieces, but that will leave blank spaces in your lapbook. Should you choose to leave out a section or two, you can always have students add illustrations to their lapbooks to fill the gaps.

1. Cover – optional letters for “Weather” with raindrops inside letters and four clouds

2. Types of Weather – pocket and 8 weather cards (rain, snow, thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane, windy, sunny, cloudy)

3. Thermometer Shape Book – 6 page book about thermometers (blank template also included)

4. Weather Tools – mini book feature 7 weather tools (name and picture); description NOT included (rain gauge, thermometer, wind sock, weather vane, anemometer, eyes, maps)

5. What do Meteorologists do? – accordion fold-out description of who a meteorologist is

6. Four Seasons – matchbook fold out for winter, spring, summer, and fall (words and clothing example included)

7. Weather Experiments – pocket and experiment cards included (lightning, rain, rainbow, and tornado)

8. Weather Observation Journal – journal cover, graph for the week, and daily observation sheets (date, time, temperature, weather feels like, color in type of weather and thermometer)

9. Favorite Weather – writing paper with space to draw a picture

I’ve never used a lapbook before. Will this be a quick activity?

The simple answer is no. There are many elements to a lapbook, so completing one takes time. Keep in mind that this resource is not a one-day activity. The weather lapbook is meant to be used throughout your entire weather study.

If you are on a time crunch, it would be easier for your students if you prepare the lapbooks in advance. If you don’t have time to make the entire lapbook, you could prep the pieces you will be using for each lesson in advance. However, this is not necessary.

Do you have any other weather materials?

I do not have any specific weather materials, but there are weather related elements within some of my resources. There is a weather write the room included in my April Write the Room set. My March Graphing pack includes four weather graphing activities. The Magic School Bus episode “Kicks Up a Storm” covers weather and you can find a note-taking page in this resource.

Do you offer any other lapbooks?

At this time, I do not have any other lapbooks available.

3 reviews
    Ms D's Literacy Lab
    09 Jul 2023
    I just love this ! A great parent-home connection tool as it gives the student something to share when talking to parents. It fits a variety of reading levels and books as well. Thanks ! :)
    Landy V.
    09 Jul 2023
    I really liked the complexity of this project! The students really got into it and enjoyed sharing what they learned with their classmates.
    Natali A.
    09 Jul 2023
    This is a great resource! We had so much fun doing this lap book. I picked what I wanted to put in there for my students. Every day the kids were excited to do the next part.