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Winter Picture Word Cards and Writing Activities

Winter Picture Word Cards and Writing Activities

Created by Resource Ranch
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Word Walls, Activities, Centers


Vocabulary, Winter, Writing

These picture word cards are helpful for sentence or story writing so that students focus on their writing instead of spelling. They also encourage students to use a larger vocabulary within their writing.

There are 32 winter related picture word cards in color and repeated in line art. They can be placed on a word wall or in a pocket chart in your writing center.

For a quick writing activity, tell the students to choose a specific number of winter words and write a sentence using each. For a greater challenge, ask them to use those words within a story.

Optional additional activities included for guided reading groups or literacy centers: Winter word sort, Venn diagram for inside and outdoor words, alphabetizing page for twelve words, grammar sort (looking for syllables, compounds, plurals, and blend). There are also two writing pages; one with space for picture on top and one full lines.

I hope your students will enjoy writing through the winter using these cards. If you have found these helpful, I appreciate you letting others know in the comment section. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

3 reviews
    Lorraine P.
    22 Jul 2023
    My kids are enjoying these activities!
    Nyree C.
    22 Jul 2023
    Great work- my students loved it!
    La clase del senor
    22 Jul 2023
    These cards are easy to use and understand. An excellent resource.