School should be fun and exciting for students. Honestly, their level of engagement is a crucial factor in

how much they learn. So, teachers spend hours creating and preparing activities that allow them to think

critically, collaborate, and use their hands. Many times, STEM is the perfect way to include these

components! Importantly, students should be the ones leading the design creation and making adjustments as needed. Thankfully, you can grab these STEM lessons for a fraction of the cost! They will be the perfect activities to add to elementary STEM lessons!

Elementary STEM Lessons

Smart Stuff Teaching 

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Growth Mindset STEM Bundle 

Elementary STEM lessons must support engagement, collaboration, and critical thinking. Luckily, this incredible bundle does all of that! 

Specifically, there are 8 STEM resources that utilize 8 Fairy Tales. So, each story creates the context and an authentic reason for solving an engineering challenge. For instance, students will work on a cookie catapult challenge after reading Little Red Riding Hood. They will even create an escape tower after reading Rapunzel. 

Growth Mindset Elementary STEM Lesson

By incorporating a story, students have extra motivation to put themselves in the story and take chances. Additionally, having familiarity with the story helps them think outside the box and refine and improve ideas. Best of all, they focus on perseverance rather than achieving success on the first try. 

Every elementary STEM lesson includes a partner play story to set the stage and a STEM workbook. This allows them to jot down ideas, brainstorm, and write about physical and mental challenges. This record-keeping creates an amazing way for students to reflect on their successes, mistakes, and determination! 

Be sure to grab these STEM lessons for a fraction of the cost!

Elementary STEM Lessons from Smart Stuff Teaching

Apple Themed Sight Words Game

Sight words allow students to take the first steps in their reading journey. However, flipping through cards is not a very exciting way for students to practice their sight words. Thankfully, this resource creates a fun way to practice the Pre-Primer sight words. 

The object of the game is to find the worm hidden behind one of the apples. Students use their sight word knowledge to guess while chanting a poem. Once guessed, the teacher removes the sight word. If the worm is behind the apple, the worm is hidden again for additional play. If the worm is not behind the apple, students repeat the poem, and someone guesses a new sight word. 

This is the perfect game to incorporate in centers or whole group instruction!

Making Butter Science Experiment 

Honestly, butter makes everything taste better. So, it is now time for students to explore how neat butter is during elementary STEM lessons. This exciting book goes through each step of making butter from heavy cream. Additionally, students learn about solids and liquids as they record their observations. 

Making Butter Elementary STEM Lesson

Students will love sharing their findings during this STEM lesson! 

Sight Words Spin and Write 

Students will love spinning for sight words! This activity creates the perfect way to make sight word practice more engaging and hands-on! 

On each page, students will use a pencil and paper clip to spin a sight word. Then, they will write down their sight word. This is amazing practice for reading, handwriting, and spelling!

Sight Words Activity

Elementary STEM lessons create some of the best memories for our students! However, they also include fantastic learning opportunities. So, be sure to grab these STEM lessons for a fraction of the cost! Students will love learning with these hands-on activities! 

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