Teachers have limited budgets. Between decorating a classroom, buying supplies, and purchasing teaching resources, funds are always low. Sadly, this is the reality for teachers all over the world. Their love for students and passion for teaching keeps them going each day. Thankfully, Smart Stuff Teaching is here to transform elementary classroom lessons! So, let’s dive into why the membership model will save you money as compared to buying on marketplaces! 

Elementary Classroom Lessons with Smart Stuff Teaching Membership

What is Smart Stuff Teaching?

Smart Stuff Teaching is a membership that allows busy teachers to access high-quality resources at an incredible value! Additionally, it increases exposure for your resources and brand. This fantastic membership will transform elementary classroom lessons, build brand awareness, and reduce stress. 

Membership Options 

The membership model offers three options to fit the needs of every teacher. 

First, there is a free plan that provides you with 1000s of free resources once you join. There is a limited number of downloads under this plan. 

Second, there is an all-access plan to pay for the year at one time. This plan provides access to over 10,000 premium resources, unlimited downloads, and unlimited access to premium materials. 

Third, there is an all-access monthly plan that allows you to pay monthly. You receive the same benefits of the all-access plan but pay each month. 

Now, let’s explore why the membership model will save you money as compared to buying on TpT! 

Smart Stuff Teaching Membership

Membership Benefits 

Thankfully, there are numerous benefits to selecting a membership with Smart Stuff Teaching

  1. Quality of Resources

One of the most frustrating aspects of buying resources is not knowing their quality. While TpT provides thumbnail pictures and descriptions, sellers showcase the best pages and aspects. Sadly, there is often disappointment in the whole product only found after purchasing. Teachers then have two options. They can spend hours fixing the product to meet their needs or take a loss on the money spent. Honestly, there is no win in this situation for teachers. Thankfully, this will no longer be a problem with Smart Stuff Teaching

Elementary Classroom Lessons

When selecting products under the membership plans, teachers gain access to high-quality resources. Additionally, the all-access plans allow you unlimited downloads! So, you can pay for a month or year and then have access to ALL of the products. If you look into your TpT account, you will quickly see you’ve spent well over what a membership costs. Now, you can pay one price and have access to everything.

  1. Student Needs 

Teachers have a new group of students each year. They enter the classroom with different needs and knowledge. So, planning elementary classroom lessons is constantly changing. Sadly, the hard-earned dollars spent on TpT last year may not work this year. This is incredibly frustrating as teachers already work under limited budgets. Thankfully, this frustration will disappear with Smart Stuff Teaching! The membership plans provide access to all the resources, so one low cost includes access to everything! Students will love the new and exciting lessons. 

  1. Differentiation 

Different student needs mean differentiation is always changing! Luckily, Smart Stuff Teaching makes differentiation a breeze. There are thousands of fantastic, high-quality resources created by teachers experiencing the same aspects. Purchasing a membership means you have access to ALL the materials that are teacher-tested and student approved! 

Smart Stuff Teaching is an amazing membership that transforms elementary classroom lessons and the planning process. Hopefully, it is obvious to see why the membership model will save you money as compared to buying on TpT! The access to high-quality resources, incredible value, and exposure to your resources and brand ensure students have fun learning! 

Elementary Classroom Lesson with Smart Stuff Teaching

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