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2D Shape Posters – 90s Decor

2D Shape Posters – 90s Decor

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Back to School, Geometry, Math

Looking for 2D shape posters with fun clip art and a developmentally appropriate font? These bright, colorful posters will be a great reference tool as your students are learning to correctly name, analyze and compare various 2D shapes. Posters have a 90s decor theme, which will be visually appealing in a variety of classrooms!

Take a closer look by viewing the thumbnails and previews above!

This 2D Shapes Poster Set includes 15 8.5 x 11″ shape posters with a choice of 4 fun 90s-themed backgrounds – perfect for mixing and matching!

Each poster includes a visual of the shape and the corresponding shape name in an easy-to-read, kid-friendly font.

2D Shapes Included: circle, decagon, dodecagon, heart, heptagon, hexagon, nonagon, octagon, oval, pentagon, rectangle, square, star, triangle, trapezoid

Ideas for Use

  • Hang on your wall to use as an everyday reference
  • Print 2 copies (4 to a page) and create a memory game for a quick math center.
  • Hold up two posters during morning meeting or class discussion and have students use math vocabulary to compare and contrast the shapes.

Print Instructions

Use white cardstock or premium (bright) printer paper for best results. To achieve the brightest colors, use the “best” or highest-quality settings on your printer.


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