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Alphabet Activities: Puzzles

Alphabet Activities: Puzzles

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English Language Arts, Phonics

Students can practice letter identification with these fun alphabet puzzles! There are lowercase letter and uppercase letter puzzles included for the entire alphabet!

How does it work?

Each puzzle piece has one letter on it. The letters are presented in various fonts. Students will sort the puzzle pieces by letter, placing like letters together (e.g. all the a’s together, all the b’s together, etc.).

Using all the pieces with the same letter, students will put the puzzle together. The completed puzzle is in the shape of the letter on the pieces (e.g. the pieces will the letter “a” make a puzzle in the shape of an “a”).

How should I use this?

Print the puzzles on cardstock (white or colored) and laminate for durability.

I suggest placing at least two letter puzzles together in a center or small group area. This gives students the opportunity to practice letter identification. After students sort the like letters, they can put the puzzle together.

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3 reviews
    09 Jul 2023
    Love this alphabet puzzles bundle for my literacy center!
    The Fun Factory
    09 Jul 2023
    What a fun way to practice letter identification!
    Resource Ranch
    09 Jul 2023
    Kids love puzzles! These will be great for practicing letter identification!