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Compound Words Worksheets for Literacy Centers

Compound Words Worksheets for Literacy Centers

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English Language Arts, Phonics

These compound words worksheets are the perfect addition to your literacy toolkit. This resource includes 20 no-prep compound words worksheets to help your students practice and master this important phonics skill.

These compound words activities can easily be utilized for morning work, literacy centers, interventions, small groups, homework, tutoring, and more! Since these pages are no-prep, you can print them off and start using them right away.


1. Brick Master – students use the two given words to write the full compound word

2. Compound Crossing – students use the picture clues to complete the crossword puzzle

3. Compound Mix-Up – students use the word bank to complete the sentences

4. Compound Split – students identify the picture and break the compound word into two words

5. Compound Words in the Clouds – students identify the two words (of three) that create a compound word

6. Cracked Words – students write the missing word for each picture

7. Crazy Compounds – students make up their own nonsense compound words and draw a picture

8. Creating Words – students cut and paste pictures to create compound words

9. I Spy Compounds – Students read a passage and identify the compound words

10. Missing Magic – students identify the missing beginning word for each compound word

11. Part of Your Word – students color the two pictures that make up each compound word

12. Puzzling Words – students fill in the missing piece for each compound word

13. Safari Search – students label pictures and find the words in the word search

14. Sorting Words – students cut and paste words into two columns based on if they are or are not a compound word

15. Spot the Compounds – students circle the compound words in the sentences

16. Strung Together – students draw lines between pictures to create compound words

17. Word Addition – students “add” the pictures and write the compound word

18. Word Builder – students write the word made when you combine two pictures

19. Word Detectives – students color the pictures that are compound words

20. Word Painter – students color the first part of a compound word one color and the second part another color

Answer keys are included for all worksheets.


Consider using these worksheets as a follow-up activity to hands on centers like these compound words clip cards.

2 reviews
    Lisa K.
    09 Jul 2023
    Fun resource for teaching compound words, very visual, Thanks!
    Three Bears and a Muffin
    09 Jul 2023
    I loved using this resource in class. The students had a great time and it was appropriate for my kinder's to follow!