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Digraph WH Word and Sentence Matching Mats

Digraph WH Word and Sentence Matching Mats

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English Language Arts, Reading

Building reading comprehension is an important skill for students to learn. This WH digraph literacy center contains hands on activities to practice reading single words as well as reading simple sentences.

What is Included:

  • 1 WH digraph word mat
  • 1 WH digraph sentence mat
  • Picture cards for matching with each mat

To complete this activity, students will read the word or sentence on each mat and then match the pictures to the correct word or sentence.

Ways to Use:

  • Simply lay the images on top of the word or sentence.
  • Use hook and loop fasteners to attach the images.
  • Use a baking sheet and magnets to attach the images.

Students will love the hands on nature of this activity. They are able to manipulate the images for a tactile approach to demonstrate their learning.

When to Use:

  • Literacy Center
  • Morning Work
  • Reading Center
  • Small Group Activity
  • Hands On Assessment

This activity is low prep. The mats just need to be printed out. The cards need to be printed and cut out. The activity can be laminated if desired for durability. Once created, this resource can be used over and over.