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Directed Drawing for Phonics | Literacy Task Cards Activities First Grade

Directed Drawing for Phonics | Literacy Task Cards Activities First Grade

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Balanced Literacy, Phonics, Spelling

Kids love drawing and, with this bundle of over 15 sets of Directed Drawing + Phonics task cards, they will enjoy practicing phonics too! This bundle features 300+ phonics task cards to use with original directed drawing templates. Students write a word, check that it’s correct on the back of each card, and then add one detail to their picture! It’s Directed Drawing for PHONICS!


NOTE: This set is part of a larger bundle that uses phonics or math task cards for entire year! The format is the same, but the content covers all spelling patterns for the year as well as math!


Directed Drawing for MATH

Directed Drawing for PHONICS


THE ENTIRE YEAR BUNDLE (huge savings!)



This is FUN and simple phonics activity to use all year in your literacy centers, skills practice time, or small group lessons! You just need a set of cards and a drawing template, and it can be played with a partner or alone. The cards and template can be laminated and used over and over with dry erase markers, or simply printed for drawing on as is.


Use any of the phonics task cards sets in this comprehensive collection. I introduce a new set each week with our instruction to reinforce lessons.

Students choose a phonics card, guess at correct spelling, and write the word on the drawing template page.

Turn the card over to check the spelling, and if correct, add one detail to their drawing as directed on the page. Then repeat with a new card!

This is a partner game where students complete a picture collaboratively. Meaningful discussion of phonics rules and spelling occurs as students deliberate their answers.

However, this can also be played alone, and works really well as an early finisher’s job.


There are several different directed drawing templates which can be used with ANY of the phonics sets. Add a new one each week to ensure that students are always engaged as they work through different phonics topics. My students look forward to a different picture to draw each week!


Because students easily mix up cards from different sets, each card is labeled in the top right corner as to which set it belongs to. The cards are also numbered and color coded.


There is a set of phonics word cards for the following topics:

  • Short Vowel Sounds A
  • Short Vowel Sounds E
  • Short Vowel Sounds O
  • Short Vowel Sounds U
  • Short Vowel Sounds I
  • Long Vowels CVCE
  • Vowel Pairs
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • Beginning Digraphs
  • Ending and Medial Digraphs
  • S Blends
  • L Blends
  • R Blends
  • Diphthongs

Single Player Option

Although this is a partner game to encourage peer discussion about phonics concepts, it can also be played alone by early finishers or even as home practice!

My students LOVE this kind of “homework”!

Early Finishers

What about early finishers?

Students can immediately start another picture with more of their task cards. If you’re using dry erase markers, students can simply erase and start again. If you’re using paper copies, have lots of blank copies available.


Students LOVE writing about their drawings! Pictures can be glued into writing journals so students can write a story about their creations!


This is always a challenge, but I’ve found the easiest solution after 20+ years of trying different ideas!

I use small plastic organizers with drawers – the kind for office supplies!

Each one has 4 or 5 drawers, and each drawer holds a set of task cards. So easy!

Students can simply grab the whole drawer and take it to their desks to work. After gathering all the cards with the matching pictures on them, they return and replace the whole drawer.


You can see pictures of this, and read more about how we use these sets in class

by clicking the link below: Click HERE to see the blog post


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3 reviews
    Hannah W.
    09 Jul 2023
    My students absolutely loved this resource. They had so much fun.
    Morgan R.
    09 Jul 2023
    Love using these for centers. The students enjoy completing the drawing and then practicing writing complete sentences about the picture.
    Denise C.
    09 Jul 2023
    My first graders just love these! I'm so glad I made the purchase!