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Fall Writing Prompts with Picture Vocabulary

Fall Writing Prompts with Picture Vocabulary

Created by Resource Ranch
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Autumn, Vocabulary, Writing

Encourage writing with these fall writing prompts. This print-and-go writing prompt resource is an easy way to engage students in writing at the beginning of the year.

What are the benefits of using writing prompts?

  • Themed to Increase Interest
  • Expands Vocabulary Usage
  • Develops Sentence Structure
  • Practices Handwriting
  • Encourages Creativity

How many fall prompts are included?

There are 25 writing prompts provided in two formats. You can choose to project them using the PowerPoint, which is great for morning work, or you can print and post them in your writing center.

Why are the prompts separate from the student writing pages?

These fall writing prompts were designed for versatility to meet the needs of your students. By having the prompts separate you can choose for students to write it in their journals and illustrate or choose the picture vocabulary word writing pages in either lined or handwriting line versions.

What added value is there to having picture vocabulary included?

Young writers, especially early in the year, often struggle with choosing what to write about. The pictures help to inspire ideas to get their writing started more quickly. Many students also tend to only use the words they know they can spell correctly. By giving them vocabulary words to start with you encourage them to write in greater detail and help strengthen their writing vocabulary and confidence. Picture vocabulary has proven to be especially helpful for my reluctant writers and second language learners.

Do you have other writing prompts?

Yes, you can try this style prompt before you buy with these FREE school-themed prompts. Your students may also enjoy this Draw Three and Write & Me resource which is a bit different but adds a little extra fun to writing. 

Thanks for visiting Resource Ranch! If you liked these fall writing prompts, please take a minute to let others know in the comments. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

3 reviews
    Kim C.
    22 Jul 2023
    Absolutely love this resource!! The prompts are engaging and make my students want to write. Thanks so much!
    Laura M.
    22 Jul 2023
    Not only do my students love writing with these prompts but they look forward to it everyday! They come in and ask what they are writing about because these are such fun prompts. Thank you for making my students love to write!
    Deborah P.
    22 Jul 2023
    This resource was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted something to keep my students engaged and excited about reading during this busy season! I also needed something that was no prep that I could just print and go. This resource checked off every box I needed! Plus, the kiddos absolutely loved it! Thank you so much!