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January Early Finishers Activities

January Early Finishers Activities

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English Language Arts, Math

Early finishers or fast finishers often refers to students that complete their work ahead of their peers. If you’re tired of hearing “I’m done! Now what?”, the Fun When You’re Done Early Finishers System is just what you need!

With this second edition, MORE Fun When You’re Done, we’re back with ten NEW activities to add to your fast finishers station.

What grade are these activities for?

While these could be used for several students depending on their ability, this resource is best aligned with first grade.

Can you tell me more about the activities included?

There are ten activities included. Each of those activities comes with five options.

  1. Details in the Drawing – Students will add three details to the picture and use five colors to color the picture. Then they will write a sentence about their picture.
  2. Super Symmetry – Students will add use the grid lines to help them draw the other half of the picture. Then they will write six adjectives about their drawing.
  3. Solve and Color – Students will solve the addition and/or subtraction sentences and use the code to color the pictures. Choices include addition to 10, addition to 20, subtraction within 10, subtraction within 20, or mixed addition and subtraction within 10.
  4. Would Your Rather – Students will choose between the two scenarios by coloring their choice. Then they will explain why they made that choice.
  5. Fix the Sentence – Students will find and correct mistakes within the sentence on the page. They will rewrite the sentence correctly on the lines and check their work. Then they will illustrate the sentence. Mistakes can be spelling, capitalization, punctuation, or spacing.
  6. Puzzling Pictures – Students will solve the Sudoku-like picture puzzle by making sure there is one of each image in every row, column, and block.
  7. Count, Tally, and Graph – Students will count (a color per picture may be helpful), tally, and graph the pictures.
  8. Code Crack Up – Students will trace the joke on the handwriting lines. Then to reveal the answer, students will need to use the code at the top of the page.
  9. Seek and Find – Students will trace the word bank on the left-hand side of the page. Then they will look for and circle the words within the word search.
  10. Fun to Follow – Students will read the sentences on the right-hand side of the page and follow the directions to help them complete the picture on the left. Students will be asked to color and draw specific ways to complete the picture.

What are the main themes for the January early finishers pack?

This month is full of new year fun, snowmen, and winter activities!

Are there answer keys included?

Yes and no! There are some pages that have answer keys, some that have partial answer keys, and some that do not have keys at all. If there is a correct answer, it is provided on the answer key.

At the beginning of your download, you will find a printing guide that tells you if an answer key is provided for each activity.

Would you suggest putting out all these pages at once?

No, I would only choose one page for each activity to give to your students every week. Then I would swap out their choices on Friday afternoons so they would have new choices each week. Of course, if your students don’t spend a lot of time with these activities you may choose to leave the same materials out for a few weeks or the entire month.

How would you suggest organizing these for students?

I would highly suggest investing in a 10 drawer rainbow cart. These can be found at Michaels, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and a variety of other stores. I would then dedicate one drawer to each activity.

Are these academically based?

There is an academic element to each page, but this series is called Fun When You’re Done, so there are fun elements like coloring, drawing, mazes, etc. for students to do as well.

Do you have more of these available?

Yes! This set is More Fun When You’re Done. The original set of Fun When You’re Done activities can be found here.

Will you be adding additional activities to this set?

No, this resource is complete. If there are additional activities you would like to see in future editions of this resource, please reach out through email or Q&A here on TpT.

3 reviews
    Rachelle B.
    09 Jul 2023
    This was a great addition to my classroom! Thank you!
    GROWING in Knowledge
    09 Jul 2023
    My kids love this! They keep it in their Ketchup folder and it is on the May-DO side and they know what to do if they complete anything early. We love it
    Victoria D.
    09 Jul 2023
    thank you