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Number of the Day with 2 Digit Numbers Freebie

Number of the Day with 2 Digit Numbers Freebie

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Homeschool Curricula, Worksheets, Printables


Numbers, Place Value

Practice working with 2 digit numbers with this number of the day worksheet practice. These math worksheets make a great morning work activity for students to do each day as they enter class. This packet contains two pages for students to practice number sense activities for the numbers 1-100 as well as a chart for learning to write the number names.

Number Words:

I use this as a chart on the wall to look at the number name of each number we worked with.

Number of the Day Pages:

1. The blank circle is for number cards.

2. Expanded Form: If the number of the day is 67, then the expanded form would be 60+7.

3. Seven Block Number Line: The number of the day goes in the middle box. The student will write the 3 numbers that come before and the three numbers that come after their number.

4. Tens and Ones: If the number of the day is 67, then the answer would be 6 tens and 7 ones.

5. Number Name: Use the Number Words Chart to assist the child in writing the number name.

6. Tally It: Represent the number of the day with tally marks.

7. Even or Odd: Circle whether the number is even or odd.

8. Base Ten Blocks: Draw the base 10 blocks to represent the number.

9. Hundred’s Chart: The number of the day goes in the middle box. Write the numbers that are found around the number of the day on the hundred’s chart.

10. Write It!: Students will write the number once or twice on the line.

BONUS: This product is TPT for Easel Ready. Text boxes have been added to fill in each answer and students can use the pen or highlighter function to do the drawing and tally marks.

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3 reviews
    Class around the Corner
    11 Jul 2023
    Thank you for the Number of the Day Packet. What a great learning tool. Saw you on Miss P's thread on the forum. The best of success to you.
    Lisa W.
    11 Jul 2023
    Great warm up for small groups!
    Shari F.
    11 Jul 2023
    My students found this resource very motivating. As they used it on a regular baseis, usually to begin the math period, they gained confidence and understanding!