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Phonics Find and Cover Mats: Alphabet Beginning Sounds (from Phonics Bundle 3)

Phonics Find and Cover Mats: Alphabet Beginning Sounds (from Phonics Bundle 3)

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Phonics: Match Up Cards (Match Words and Pictures)

This resource is made for students learning and practicing letter sound knowledge; particularly when isolating the beginning sounds of words. There are 2 versions included: a color version laminate, and blacklines to make printables.

These can be used for morning work, small group phonics lessons, literacy centers, or even home practice.


Version 1: Color Version To Laminate (Or Plastic Sleeve)

*Students cover the pictures that start with the focus letter sound (use a bingo chip or block)

*Write the words (with dry erase marker) with help from the word bank.

*Write a sentence using one or more of the words.

Version 2: Black and White Printable

*Students color the pictures that start with the focus letter sound.

*Write the words with help from the word bank.

*Write a sentence using one or more of the words.

For the writing component, there is a word bank for each collection of words to use as reference if needed. Students cross out words as they write.


Students practice beginning sounds of words from each letter of the alphabet. They also practice writing the entire word (6 on each page) and a sentence.

Easy Differentiation: Some students may complete only the task of coloring or covering the pictures that begin with the given letter. More advanced students may write the words to match the pictures they have colored (or covered), while some may need the word bank to help with spelling. For even more of a challenge, students can write a sentence using at least one of the words.


You can see the preview by clicking the green button near the top of this page. Please look at the preview to see the details before purchasing to ensure these are right for your class. Each cover shows an example page from the activities.

Please NOTE: This resources is part of a larger bundle!

It can also be found in Phonics Bundle #3 which includes 8 phonics activities to practice letter sounds, CVC words, simple sentences, color words, sorting and writing. There are over 400 pages to use through the school year in your literacy centers, morning work, or small group phonics lessons. See details below.

Details for PHONICS BUNDLE 3 – 400 pages

1 Phonics Say It Write It Draw It – 40 pgs

2 Phonics Mini-Booklets – 55 pgs

3 Phonics Match Up – 70 pgs

4 Phonics Cover It Alphabet – 55 pgs

5 Phonics Choose and Write- 55 pgs

6 Phonics Word Match – 40 pgs

7 Phonics Sentences Color Words – 35 pgs

8 Phonics Match and Print – 50 pgs

There are more Phonics Bundles available!

You can see both Phonics Bundle 1 and Phonics Bundle 2 by clicking HERE.


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