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Pop Up Phonics SEASONAL Set

Pop Up Phonics SEASONAL Set

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Balanced Literacy, Holidays Seasonal, Writing

Your students will love making these simple little pop up booklets!

This is the SEASONAL CELEBRATIONS Set alone, but there is more information on the entire bundle below!

These cute booklets are easy enough for primary students to make, especially with some practice. Here are the simple instructions:

  1. Fold the paper in half
  2. Fold in half again
  3. Cut along the dotted line

(Or you can pre-fold to make it even easier!)

Once the pop-up booklet is made, students complete a writing task and color the seasonal pictures. Keep the booklets in a folder to practice with each other, or use them each week in your writing centers! Students quickly become independent in the creation and writing tasks in each pop up booklet!

Each of the phonics focused pop up booklets has the same format to promote independence at the writing center.

The tasks in each of the phonics books are:

1. Fold and cut to create the pop out card.

2. Color the seasonal pictures on the cover.

3. Write about the seasonal celebrations on the lines provided.

Keep all of the pop-up booklets together in a simple folded-paper for practicing words in class, or to take home for home practice!

Click the Full Bundle preview to see more details, and to download a FREE Mother’s Day card! (see below)


THE BUNDLE – 125 Pop-Up books!

You can grab the whole Pop Up BUNDLE Here.

  • Alphabet Beginning Sounds
  • Blends, Word Families
  • Digraphs
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • Diphthongs
  • Vowel Pairs

More Details of what’s included in this bundle:

Seasonal Set:

-Mother’s Day (free in the preview!)

-Father’s Day

-Valentine’s Day

-Earth Day


-St.Patrick’s Day

-Hundred’s Day

-Graduation Day

-Fire Safety




-New Year’s Day

-Grandma’s Day (as an alternative to Mother’s Day)

-Grandpa’s Day (as an alternative to Father’s Day)


-Happy Spring

-Happy Fall

-Happy Winter

-Happy Summer

26 Alphabet Pop-up booklets – one booklet for each letter of the alphabet, matching words with pictures task, writing task on the back

19 Blends Pop-up booklets – Most used blends combinations, matching words with pictures tasks, list of words writing task on the back

16 Digraphs and R-Controlled Vowels pop up booklets – A double set to cover both spelling patterns, both beginning and ending digraphs, matching words with pictures tasks, list of words writing task on the back

18 Diphthongs and Vowel Pairs – Most used combinations, matching words with pictures tasks, list of words writing task on the back

18 Word Families – Most common word families, matching words with pictures task in the middle, making lists of word families used on the back.

Grab the bundle here:



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3 reviews
    Karen J.
    09 Jul 2023
    These are great and will get used numerous times over the next few years. Thanks : )
    Shelly L.
    09 Jul 2023
    Well I wish it was Mother's Day or Earth Day again! I wish I would have found these last year to use in my classroom! Great product by an awesome seller/creator! Thanks and I can't wait to be able to use them next year!
    jacqueline douglas
    09 Jul 2023