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Printing Practice 4 – Printing 100 Sight Words + Sentences

Printing Practice 4 – Printing 100 Sight Words + Sentences

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This printing workbook covers 100 sight words for the differentiated classroom.

This is a simple printing practice workbook with a page dedicated to practice four sight words. There are 100 sight words covered based on the Fry First 100 list (see list in preview), with a blank page at the end to write in additional words. There are lots of core skills packed into each printing page so you can easily differentiate your instruction. Each printing page will practice multiple skills, including:

  • proper letter formation (rainbow write, trace and print independently)
  • printing four sight words per page
  • writing and editing a sentence using a focus word
  • Cover and Write activity where students try to spell sight words without looking
  • illustrating words with the focus letter


While some students may only be ready to complete the printing and tracing tasks, others will be challenged to think of their own words, or write and self-edit a sentence using one of the words.

Please see the list of sight words in the preview.


  1. The page layout includes extra large margins on either side, so when printing a double sided workbook you won’t find that words are cut off or hidden in the margins.
  2. Students are prompted to circle their best attempt at printing each word neatly and properly, which draws attention to proper formation and writing within the lines correctly.
  3. The layout of each page is simple and uncluttered for students with visual processing challenges. Cute illustrations improve engagement.
  4. The sentence writing checklist at the bottom of each page will prompt students who need more challenge to become familiar with proper sentence formation.
  5. Students illustrate their sentence to show comprehension.


You are welcome to try a free page by downloading the preview! Simply download the preview and print only the printing page.

These are perfect for daily printing practice, morning work, independent literacy centers, or even homework practice with parents!


Practice differentiated printing through the whole year!

The following sets are available:

Printing Practice 1 – Letters and Sounds

Printing Practice 2 –Alphabet Dictionary

Printing Practice 3 –Blends and Digraphs

Printing Practice 4 –100 Sight Words

Printing Practice –THE BUNDLE

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3 reviews
    Nancy A.
    09 Jul 2023
    This will be so helpful with my struggling students!
    Kimberley P.
    09 Jul 2023
    Lacretia H.
    09 Jul 2023
    A well crafted resource that is easily implemented.